Mounts, could this be possible?

Mounts. Three types
1 War mounts
2 Pack mounts
3 Scout mounts
Can’t wait for the pets!
Thanks Funcom! Keep up the good work!!!

They tried mounts. They had problems getting frame rates to stabilize.

Aside from that, map size is a bit small for mounts. I think if they made mounts just do a regular player sprint but no stamina cost that it would be fine but idk.

It would be great with some mounts but please don’t over do it!

The mound should only be for traveling and be a permanent thing that needs food in game.
You need to take care of your mounts and feed them to have them.

I do not want flying mount or op fighting mounts… have the mount be able to flee and not have it do much damage if it has to fight. It would be okay if it could do a knock back with a kick, just to escape.

They should keep it to a minimum, maybe with some decent carry ability’s on the mount but don’t make it to fast.

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I honestly don’t see the point in mounts for this game.

The map isn’t very large, you can spec yourself to run the entire map without stamina loss - you should do this to get all the obelisks, then make map rooms to be able to pretty much go to any of the major map points.

I’d just be okay with a pack mule seeing as how bearer thralls are all but useless

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That would make more sense :smiley:

They will properly just fix the bearer thralls tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they fix the stam stats build thing… it is a little stupid that you can do that “■■■■■”.

I don’t disagree, but I will say the 50 enc build is worse. Being able to carry around the entire exiled lands if you wanted with no penalty is ridiculous.

For the point of mounts themselves though -

As it stands now you only need to build one major base, near whichever obelisk you prefer.

Then as you get the ability to make map rooms, grind out being able to make 10 of them.

Take a map room, take enough foundations for a 9x9 base and place the map room on it. Obviously enclose it. Obviously use the black ice foundations/walls/door.

Do that near the other 9 obelisks.

You can now transverse the entire map, on the fly, with whatever spec build is preferable for the location you’re going to.

Which to me, at least, completely negates the point of having a mount.

That is a great explanation of some of the problems with how it works now.

However, map rooms are big and needs to be defended. they also decay if left alone. you also need to be lvl 60 to go get it right? I still believe that people should not by default be able to access other clans maps.

Having a mount might be good early game and might even be good late if you are a solo player.

They should make it so you have to tame your mount in the wild. Maybe breaking them, by jumping on their back :smiley: I think they could make a fun mechanic out of that :rofl:

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You can learn how to make the map room by I’d say level 5-10 if you really wanted. It’s not something you have to spend points to learn, just have to run to the guy who teaches you it. You’re gonna pick up XP just getting to him but I’m not sure how many.

Thing is you need 200 demon blood and 150 or 75 silver dust depending on alchemist thrall and 75 gold to make 1 which those materials aren’t gonna be easy to get when you’re lower leveled. So you’re probably looking at being about 40 before you’re making your first. And then of course black ice building you have to be 50.

IMO it doesn’t take long to get to those levels so you’d have a very short window where mounts would be useful. Unless you’re making mounts that are like the Giga in Ark. However I don’t know how much fun it would be to steamroll over world bosses.

Okay, they should put the lvl limit to 60 or maybe 55. It is not great that you can get it that early…