Suggestion on mounts if they are going to be added

First off. THank you for making my number 1 top favorite game right now. Im a newer player and I freaking love this game. So, thanks for the hard work you guys have put into this game. I look forward to the fixes yall are working on.

So, my suggestion. Im just thinking that if you are adding mounts. Please don’t let people have huge dragons or flying creatures for travel. I think this would create a system that would allow people to troll this living crap out of people, as well as being OP. I don’t want it to be like ARK. I know some people would love this, but over all. I think it would be a negative thing for the game. Cheers my European brothers and sisters. Oh, and please don’t add political correctness to appease a small minority of people that think its a good thing.

If we do get flying mounts/enemies I think having a good solid defensive counter to them would be important… I’m thinking Archery would be awesome for this. (Cripple should prevent flying mounts from flying even if they’re already in the air… And of course their riders would not gain any protection from fall damage by being on a flying mount that has been crippled so you can see where I’m going with this)

In short if we get flying mounts/enemies they should be easy enough to shoot down with a good solid hit to the wing from a bow or other ranged weapon and subject to taking fall damage. (Thus allowing us to shoot a bat demon out of the sky and finish it off in melee if it survives the fall to the ground…)

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I think they should stay very vanilla with the mounts: Horses, Camels, Donkeys for the basic.
For the more warlike I would like Leopards, Tiger, Panther, Wolves.
And the top tear the Sabertooth, Goriallas and apes.
And for pets like hyeanas or such. I find the baby hyeans so adorable, would love to tame a few of them to just be there.

No dragons or overpowered things as tames though. Taming a saber and running around with one would be pretty fun though. the thing is looking pretty ugly though and its not ark so the limitation are there.