We need mount in game

We need a mount, for better locomotion in the game, it would be great to add this in the game.

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Or at the very least a “recall to bed/roll” type option. (that doesn’t include dying since official servers seem to be all ‘drop loot on death’)

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Com’on baby do the locomotion! (sorry couldn’t resist).

Now, mounts will probably come one day, but not soon, and I personally think they are not much necessary, the map is not that big really when you can cross it east west or north south in like half an hour. There is a thread like this every now and then, and gets buried down in the list as usual. Not to discourage you, I would like to see mounts also, but my priorities in suggestions are clear: core game first, additions later.


This has been mentioned so many times…

And the answer is no, the land is too small for mounts.
You can teleport and get anywhere pretty quick by running with stamina potions.


NO dont bring in any loot teleport system!!!

it would be fun, I’m not asking for riding because of the locomotion, I’m asking for fun, because it would be nice to ride a horse in the game


Two examples of riding they could have, camel and horse.

(I’m sorry if my English is strange I’m Brazilian)

Yes the map will just be smaller and whats the good whit that?

We alresy have folowers that can tacke loot whit you so no Point ther.

The only purpus can be in combat and are able to sprint werry fast just to atack and rest after a long time. And normal speed is slower then Walking…

Npc merchants who could sell horses and camels

And what do we need then for? And Camels alredy exists!

Mount camels

What to do whit them? Make the map smaller?

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Well I can’t remember where I saw the official response. BUT mounts is something they’re looking at, currently as far as I know and understand the engine is having issues depending on the speed at which movement occurs. You can easily see this by going admin in single player and changing speed multiplier to 1000 as you run eventually you’ll fall below ground into an empty void as the world fails to load fast enough.

Anyway they were looking at mounts last I saw but I’m guessing the issue is the speed mounts would move. What’s considered a decent trade off. What’s fast enough to be worth using a mount versus falling into the endless void of Yog versus not making the map feel too small. It’s a three way battle!

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I fear you are late with that. Maproom? :wink:

I know they said that they would never ad flying to the game, but having a crocodile mount on which you could slay enemies while swimming would be out of control.

Or a rhino mount for extensive hp in combat and a ram attack, never exceeding the average run speed.

Really, if the animal could just move at the human sprint speed forever it would feel better.

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have you seen horse in the game ^^ mount was suppose to be in it was a strech goal but have been abandonned early due to technical issue i think, i believe they wanted you to ride rhino actualy which is much cooler than a horse:p

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No the obelisks are not in youre beadrom next you youre vauil to drop the loot, you still need to go to youre base.

I can se mounts in combat but not for transport.


Okay, I only know of bedporting in one single way: Waking up nude with nothing in the inventory.

Yes but you still need to run back whit the loot.