Mounts,taming and fast travel idea

Ok ok put down the pitch forks and hear me out on this.
Now the reason we can’t have mounts is due to the map not being optimised for traveling at high speeds correct.
So because of this mounts will never happen because the map will need to be redone.
But other players whant mounts more for the lore and fast travel sutch as my self.
Now I don’t know exactly how the taming will work yet until it released but I have an idea.
Add horses and camel to the game and a legendary tamer maybe in the purge really really hard to get.
And have him work like a torturers table he could make a rare items like a saddle and stable.
Put the saddle on the horse or camel to make a mount.
When the player selects the mount we have the option to teleport fast travel like Skyrim or like the map room to stables that we can create.
Or something along those lines this lets us have mounts and negates any map issues.

Any way this is just an idea I had thanks.

I have a better idea Give us 200% stamina buff while riding the mount there solved no move speed extra just longer stamina.

And if we want faster speed guess what we can do that in admin panel like ive put on 1000 speed in SP and I just ran so fast without any issue of map being an issue. Like i said i just want to be on a giant ■■■ mammoth just crusing through the woods. i dont even want fast traveling or faster move speed.

At the current state all Purge Thralls, at least for me, are even impossible to get due to no Purge at all. :slight_smile:

I am not a big fan of mounts and I think the current teleport options are somewhat enough, I would however like a two-way obelisk.

Not sure if the map is the real problem but it could as well be.
Please keep in mind you compare a 1-person server (sp) with a huge server (70 users) I would assume there is a lot of server stress should 70 people decide to use mounts, maybe because of a big raid on the server.

Propably there are other concerns which would just not be worth the work they need, things like:

  • What happens to the mount when you dismount it?
  • How does it deal with obstacles?
  • What happens to the hitbox of the player?
  • Can the player fight back? If yes there comes a lot of work for combat
  • How will the inventory of the mount be affected when a player mounts it? You know FUNCOM and their inventories :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Do mounts also do damage?
    *… and so on

The map is easy enough traversable by feet what I would hope for is a way to use the camel or something like that to transport untamed Thralls to your main base, this would reduce some unnecessary walking and reducing the need for mounts.

Using stables Will act like a 2 way teleport fast travel and adding the need to feed the horses from the taming expansion will prevent spammers from exploiting the system
And the concept riding a mammoth is why it won’t happen. What’s next riding a dragon then wanting to ride a god.

I really would like to see horses and riding, but I could be satisfied with stables where you can fasttravel, if they dont need so many annoying to obtain ressources, to build them.

If they ever implement sorcery, I’d love to have Mark and Recall spells (totally stolen from Morrowind)

I agree with XIUM, the map is easy to traverse as is.

All good ideas, but before you go down this road too far, riding mounts will NOT be in Conan Exiles, no matter how much it is wished.

A Complete revamp of the basic game world will just NOT happen. FunCom even states in their Pets update information that “as long as you don’t ride them”.

Not to throw a wet blanket on the discussion just a reality check here really. Mounts have been discussed and dismissed as not possible in the current Conan Exiles map. However, sorcery could be implemented eventually, but let us get all of the bugs fixed before that content comes out.

Rideable mounts will never happen I know I said that in my Opening statement what I’m suggesting is a fast travel idea implementing the new pets taming system.
I agree that the map is way too small for mounts.

I’d love ridable mounts even with the same speed as a player.
Just let them have lots of or unlimited Stamina and a bit extra carrying capacity and everyone would use them.

I would to but it won’t happen because people are never satisfied with just that.
Starts with horses and camels next players would want their mounts to fight so then they want dragons.
Imagine 10 players knocking at your front door in silent legion armour riding red dragons.
Good luck in that raid
Then players say pets are op where will it end.

A few more obelisks and map rooms can’t hurt. I have a 3 minute run to my base from the closest obelisk…it gets old sometimes. And no, I like where my base is, I don’t intend to move.

The horse stable idea is pretty good though.

It’s just a shame the map room is so friken big though I also built towers all over my map for better travel but decay screws you if you don’t use them.

if you want to travel fast :
open console
type : makemeadmin “yourserverpasswordifany”
open the map
press ctrl-rightleftclic to the location you want to go

less “cheating” way : put maprooms everywhere :slight_smile:

I agree the map room is too big, but there is mod that reduces it a bit, I don’t use mods much though. I turn off my decay because I am on SP PC and don’t really need it. I am trying to test all things for FunCom and report various minor bugs that I find. IF I ever go to server, public or private, I will have to adjust my play, but I am way too busy on weekdays to login to a server right now. I would only be there on weekends and would probably lose everything/

Yes I know of all cheaty ways all my towers all have maprooms in them 3 have decayed away cause I never use them.

I do use mods but only cosmetic I don’t want to rely on them for key elements in the game cause once the modders stop updating them then all hope is lost.

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