Mounts and Fast travel idea

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Ok ok put down the pitch forks and hear me out on this.
Now the reason we can’t have mounts is due to the map not being optimised for traveling at high speeds correct.
So because of this mounts will never happen because the map will need to be redone.
But other players whant mounts more for the lore and fast travel sutch as my self.
Now I don’t know exactly how the taming will work yet but I have an idea.
Add horses and camels to the game and a legendary tamer maybe in the purge really really hard to get
And have him work like a torturers table he could make special items like a saddle and stable.
Put the saddle on the horse or camel to make a mount.
When the player selects the mount we have the option to teleport fast travel like Skyrim or like the map room to stables that we can create.
Or something along those lines this lets us have mounts and negates any map issues.
Basically you have pets gathering resources why not make horses fast travel.

Any way this is just an idea I had thanks.

Dude why is it you spam the forums with the same idea?

I only posted it twice that’s not spam and Funcom won’t let me delete my other post.
I posted in suggestions because it’s a suggestion and it n discussions so I could discuss my idea.

Personnally i don’t care about mounts, but of course i get it why other players are really looking into it.

In my opnion we should have at least the opportunity to travel from base to base, and more precisely from a owned map room to an other owned map room. It would make things so much more convenients for me.

Because eventhough i would like to TP on the map at will, i’m fully aware that it could be :

1st: exploited by players, especially in PVP
2nd: makes the game feel like more a RPG game than a survival game (again i would be ok with that but i guess many would not)

Yes you get it
I’m not one for mounts the map is toooooo small for them I would like to just go from base to base. If the pets in the taming pens do stuff when not placed like give dung and other things give the travel system option to pets as well add the need to feed the travel pets to stop spamming of stables and other exploits.

The obelisks make the game to RPG by adding story elements to get the map room any way.
With the stables having to feed your pet as well as yourself it feels more survival.

Fast travel - no thanks. At least the map room has a plausible explanation behind it, and is limited enough in utility to be useful, but not overly so. Building a stables allowing me to teleport to another set of stables makes no sense at all.

I have limited time to play, and in terms of efficiency/convenience, fast travel would be a god-send - but it would also take away the feeling of actually being stuck in the Exiled Lands.

you travel using your horse or camle to and from the stables You select your pet horse or camel in your stable and Arrive at another stable with that pet select that pet after maybe a cool down and go back the devs can clean up the rest maybe add an animation of the player and pet fading away or something.
The obelisks are good if your are lucky enough to be on a server where they aren’t walled off by other players.
the new Jhebble Sag religion can also give us some perks in this

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