Solution for mount

hello guys and dev

keep in mind that i understant why mount was cut for lauch but please keep considering to release them after launch

so the problem is how the game load around the player making fast mount going throug the terain and fall under the map and i guess a lack of time

the solution is simple.

travel mount - make them goes at the speed of a sprinting player but without the cost of stamina or give them a huge amount of stamina and why not nerf the sprinting speed of human by 20%

mule mount - goes as fast as a human running ( not sprinting ) they can carry a lot of stuff and can even farm fiber, flower that kind of stuff

siege mount - speed is between walk and running, can carry some stuff, have the ability to damage structure and a short platforme for player to stand on.

and voila, tell me what you think about it, i hope you still plainning to implement them in the game.

sorry for my english it’s not my first language.

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Siege Mount :+1:
Mule Mount :+1:
Travel Mount :thinking: - There are so many obstacles on this map, you will not have any benefit from travel mounts - maybe on another map with huge Grasland biomes
Another idea:
grouped mounts for carawans (camels, mules…)

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Caravans and raiding or attacking them would be great fun!


you can go pretty much everywhere on foot without climbing so travel mount won’t be a problem, yes sometime you would need to take detour but that’s fine you will still travel faster than sprinting then stop sprint again and so on

Is the Conan Exiles map large enough to really need a mount?
The map imo atm is rather small right now to need a mount. perhaps once they increase the size of the world map (if they choose to) another 100% of what it will be on release there will be a use for a mount.

That’s just my personal thoughts, I’m sure others would welcome a mount they could ride to speed up travel times to the game no matter the size of the world and I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of those players being able to enjoy the game in the way they want to.