Mount Solution (Explorer Boots)

This problem solution may seem a bit covneluted at first but I think it matches the current game meta the most.

Mounts would completely rebalance the game, especially if you could fight from them andn would be impossible to balance against noobs unless you put in some crazy spear vs horse mechanics that knocks people off horse.

Instead I think a better solution (for how the game is right now) would be Hermes type Sprinting Boots. But you wouldnt be able to wear armor or weapons while you have these “Boots of Fleeing” and your thrall wouldnt be able to carry weapons or armor while you have theese boots on to prevent PvP griefing and abusing runspeed vs combat (bows and arrows and running against people that dont have boots)

So the runspeed boots would have to prevent combat, or cheesily switching to combat some how.

But basically if they were like “Resettler Boots” for people looking to make a new base or run with materials across the map with a Bearer Thrall. So that if they have no combat stuff in their inventory, or thrall’s inventory they can run +40% faster just to get around the map.

Then you can save map room teleporting for combat players (assuming you fix thralls teleporting with map room eventually, actually is it fixxed? Im too scared to teleport with my thrall and losing him maybe ill try it with a low level today)

So im thinking basically if a player can craft these around level 20 for LOTS of mats they can chose to level up for a bit just by putting on the no-combat boots and exploring the whole map and unlocking all the map room teleporters early as on option for veteran players who have already played the game.

Maybe call them “Explorer boots blessed by the pacifist demi-god of wanderlust and traveling”?


Mounts were indefinitely canceled for a reason. The game cannot render fast enough to keep up with how fast you moved while mounted.

This isn’t a solution. It’s basically exchanging living mounts for magically enchanted boots. Either way, the result is the same.

The game cannot handle it.


well sounds like this game has HUGE issues then and is doomed to become obsolete. I mean if 40% increased runspeed would break the game then this game has SERIOUS issues.

I could understand 200% speed increase obviously breaking any game, just like Grand Theft Auto. But 40%? This game has HUGE ISSUES if what you say is true.

It’s not an issue with the game. It is a limitation with the engine and how fast it can render distant objects. Something that can apply to just about any game out there.

Mounts increase the speed too much, and the game can’t render the ground, and so the mounts end up falling through because you run off into nothing.

It isn’t even a serious issue, because mounts aren’t required to enjoy this game. They never have been.

If a 40% increase in movespeed would break the game then this game has SERIOUS issues. I really hope a dev or can confirm or deny what you say. This game takes 45 minutes to run across so I dont really believe any of the “you dont need runspeed” stuff you are telling me.

Thers been 100 times im running across a field thinking “man i wish i had some naked man/ run fast boots”

You aren’t supposed to run from one edge of the map to the other.

That’s the whole point of Obelisks and Map Rooms, to teleport your character.

And it’s pretty well known already that mounts aren’t going to happen. People still persist in almost weekly coming in with some idea of why mounts need to be added to the game.

Unfortunately, we will not be launching with mounts or pets. Mounts were one of the most requested features, and we have spent a lot of time trying to make it work for Conan Exiles. Due to technical limitations with the way the game loads and streams the game world, we were unable to include a feature that allowed players to move over a certain speed. Our coders worked hard to find a solution for this, but in a recent “point of no return” type meeting, we decided that their time is better spent on polish, bug fixes, and other features that we know can make it for launch.

Continuing further, this game was not built with mounts in mind. As I have told others, to make it where a player could control a mount instead of their character, as stated by the devs, is extremely game breaking. It screws up a lot of other things. So at the end of the day, it was deemed mounts aren’t worth the trouble.

Mounts are not impossible, but they are not super straightforward. The main problem comes from how they structured the player character/input and UI early on. It was not planned early on to have mounts. Basically everything is very reliant on the current controlled actor being the player. If the developers change that, there is a lot of systems that break. So it is doable, but it is a lot of work to fix.[16]
The developers have not been in a position where they’ve had the time to dedicate for it.
For consoles it has been an issue about performance, having increased run speed allows players to run too fast for the consoles to load the world.
You could also run off the map.
Mounts are indefinetely cancelled.

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Well ape-shiznitty-on-a-shingle.

Thank you for your doom and gloom.

Ill stop trying.

How come when I fall from a cliff at +40% speed the game loads fine? Like I said I could understand 200% runspeed breaking the game. But 40%?!?!?

It’s not doom and gloom.

It’s just already been established for a while now. And most people here accept it, shrug, and say who needs mounts?

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Im trying to take this game MAINSTREAM buddy not exclude and surround it with veterans.

Nobody is trying to exclude anyone.

This idea is just outdated.

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Excluding the mount side of the thread and focusing to the item alone, how about the boots allow you to hover for a short time instead when running? Could be used to hover over some traps or stop you from hitting the ground in the right moment. Could come with a cooldown too or some other type of a limitation (e.g. less protection).

Feels more D&D than Conan…

I don’t see anything like that being allowed until sorcery is added to the game, if ever.

Because you have to explain how these Exiles, with no knowledge of magic, are going to be able to craft something like this to begin with.

As a loot drop maybe, but shouldn’t be able to craft them.

I was thinking more Legend of Zelda, with the Pegasus Boots and Hover Boots.

Depends on which Conan we talk about. Some refer the movies or specific ones, some refer the animated series while some refer the comics.

Exactly my thought. Some random stuff popping here and there to shake things a bit.

True, from what I’ve read and watched (even the hilariously dodgy live action series) it’s always felt like forgotten science rather than actual magic, magical creatures or spirits just being something no one understands anymore - like the Giant Kings or the references to the Cthulhu mythos.

Howard was inspired by Lovecraft when he created Conan.

Within the immediate render distance, everything is rendered from top to bottom, you don’t run down when falling, you simply fall through the same space which is already loaded in. (Not taking into account any kind of motion blur or lag)

@Crysis, I’d suggest linking your sources, in this case the wiki, as I can not (okay fine, I can this time) read your mind. Here’s the page for other peope:

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the wiki, please reply here, dm me or try contributing yourself (anyone is able to contribute!)

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We just gotta get a pinned topic Mounts are Indefinitely Canceled and quote that page, so it’s always relatively near the top of the Suggestions board. Might cut down on people always asking.

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