Ideas & Suggestions For Upcoming Patches

So I’ve only been played the game for about a dozen hours, as I’ve only bought the game a few days ago and so far, it’s been an absolute blast, I’ve been enjoying the game either alone or with my friend. However, I do have some ideas and recommendations that can be used in upcoming patches and I want you guys to lemme know if you think they’re a good idea, bad idea, or already implemented in the game (Since only played the game for a dozen hours so far):

. Mounts

I know, I know, it’s been talked about to death, but yeah, I still recommend mounts in this game. Getting from one point on the map to another can be super frustrating and can also be an interesting idea to put rare and fast mounts in certain points on the map, such as maybe an obsidian rocknose or something, that can knock down enemies at full speed, or maybe a white horse with faster-than-average speed. Plenty of ways to add different forms of mounts in the game at least, like maybe giant scorpion mounts, giant lizard mounts, etc. Maybe even some mounts for a laugh, like a cow for a mount. I dunno, could be fun.

. Levelling thralls/pets

Now, I dunno if this has been implemented yet, but from what I researched online, the thrall/pet level is only determined by what food they were given. Sure, it’s interesting as a mechanic, but since alot of people (Including myself) play solo, perhaps, it would be great if our travelling thrall could level up with us aswell! Oh, and I noticed that some thralls don’t use certain weapons? For example, I gave an iron pike to my thrall, but when we were in combat with a few rocknoses, she wouldn’t attack at all, only when I gave her back the axe and shield she started off with.

. Wandering exile NPCs/rare and tough exiles

We usually know where regular exiles and enemies are, as they are usually around campfires, villages, etc. But what if we could also have exiles wander around the local area, grabbing meat, drink and resources too? They could stash the meat and drink they find back at their village and they can consume periodically. Once their supplies are low, they could send a villager to go hunting and scavenging. Thoughts?

Also, again, I dunno if this has been implemented, but maybe having rare and tough exiles around the map could be interesting. Ya know, with exclusive weapons, armour, etc? Or maybe if they could be turned into thralls, that would be incredibly interesting.

. More official maps

Yes I know, the current map isn’t even completed yet (At least I hope not), but I really hope in the future, maybe next year or so, that they could work on a second official map? I know they have the option to support non-official maps, as the option to change map file when creating a server, so it seems it can be implemented. Thoughts?

. Cosmetics

The armour in this game looks fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But, for lots of people including myself, cosmetic looks are important and it would be great if they could add a “Cosmetic slot” to the character menu. Now, don’t get me wrong again, this isn’t an excuse to add microtransactions in this game, God no. But maybe if there was a way we could implement suits, dresses,cosmetic weapons, etc into the game that don’t sacrifice a slot for armour and defence? That would be excellent.

. Thrall/Pet appearance change & unlockable hairstyles and patterns

Once again. I dunno if this has been implemented or not. But I’m sure many of us have been looking for a specific dancer or fighter or archer, only to find out they aren’t exactly what we’re looking for appearance-wise. If there were a way we can change the appearance of our thralls and pets, that would be awesome too. And perhaps, if there were a way to implement unlockable hairstyles for ourselves and thralls, that would be rather interesting too. For example, you could kill a rare or tough boss, they have a chance to drop a plan or design for an awesome new hairstyle, or maybe a new pattern or look for a specific pet? Like maybe new fur colour for wolves, or maybe skin patterns for reptilian pets and whatnot.

Welp, that’s all I have for the time being, what do you guys suggest? Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Conan :slight_smile:

Mounts as of now are impossible and will be until they figure out a better way to render the map, terrain, and objects. As of now at a certain speed, it’s not very fast, you can fall through the map (death) and I’m good with walking versus losing stuff besides the map isn’t really that big.

Great suggestions. If they ever work on the blank area, they probably won’t ever admit it until its released. Why else would the map be an “L” shape? They like surprises. I also like the wandering animals and Thralls, as well as pets leveling up.

All your suggestions are very good and all the people I know playing this game are talking about the same or similar ideas. Some of them are already implemented via Mods. So why not working together with Modders to implement their ideas in the maingame? All publishers have done this so far and also Funcom did this in EA.

That portion of the map is where all the dungeons are. It will not be used at anytime in the future without a massive map overhaul. You can see for yourself if your on PC by using the admin functions and passing the ghost wall. I’m pretty sure this was basic knowledge at this point?

Edit: typo

Can’t wait to snipe my enemies, murder their mount and dance on their corpses. :smiley:

For all the other suggestions they are pretty good.

I only play xbox. No idea it was used as dungeon space.

I see. The whole area up there is reserved as dungeon space. Your teleported there when the transition happens from the world space to the dungeon and vice versa.

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Actual there are no dungeons in this huge area. It is planed to put dungeons there.
These are the actual dungeon locations:

Black Keep

Dregg Dungeon

Vulcano Dungeon

Witch Queen

The Midnight Grove is left of the mounts of the dead, even outside the viewable map. Obviously they expanded the existing map into the west for this dungeon.

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