Mounts and vehicle (chariot)

Hello everyone !

With all the good work devs have been doing to add huge features and patching issues in the game, this is now the perfect time to think about new features to be added in the future to make the game even cooler.

And since pet system has been added to the game, one of the coolest way to use them would be to be able to mount them (with inventory slots, speed, resistance, attack, etc… depending on the pet used as mount) and some vehicle like chariot pulled by pets for some racing and chariot combat !

That would add a huge new dimension to the game and a real good way to expend is lifetime !

In the mean time keep up the good work !


Let’s hope mounts are implemented someday :confused:


I am actually working on compiling a huge list of all the things the community wants to see in Two easy to find places. One thread for map based additions and one thread for mechanic additions. Mounts have been mentioned before and i’ve seen a few people that want chariots. should be releasing their annual plan for conan exiles fairly soon which is why i want to make the wishlist easy to locate and get everyones desires in one spot!

Feel free to chime in, comment and even add to many of the ideas that have been suggested its getting quite interesting!

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