New mechanic wish list!

Wow! i’m reading so many amazing ideas in this thread.
The best suggestion list of the entire forum. Hope Funcom read it in order to add some of the them.


As do i. ^^ i am sure they will take notice at the very least. It would be cool to see a community manager chime in with an idea.

Yes, thats why I said falling, beheading, a headshot arrow would kill the player instantly, that’s for sure must bypass the downed state.

Not much for a cinematic, but an emote, it should take some seconds to perform tho.

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Per @Krieg request, please add: Mountain Tunneling - Building mechanics


Thanks bro. That is an awesome idea. Also one i’ve never seen anywhere else.

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Alternative to Slavery: Recruit Thralls through Rescue

  1. Working cages (with thralls captives).
  2. Instead of knocking out a potential thrall to be broken on the wheel of pain, rescue a thrall from a cage.
    a. An unbroken thrall would be standing in the cage.
    b. A broken thrall would be passed out in the cage.
  3. An unbroken thrall could be set free. Random chance to join (“follow”) or return home.
  4. A broken thrall can be “dragged” back to base and nursed back to full health. Maybe placed “in” a bed and fed from the Thrall Pot. When recovered, they willingly work for you.

This would be a mechanic for the player to “not” be a slaver, but rather a rescuer of slaves. Maybe add a “Healer Thrall” for faster recovering. Named healers in the world, too.

To keep it fair, both the “enslaving”/breaking and “recovery” times should be identical.


We have T1-T3 block foundations for building, but sometimes you just want your own pool or bathhouse. It would be really helpful to add “water tiles” to the game: corners with water and floor, corners without floor, sides with water with floor, sides with water without floor, a floor with water on all sides, and one pure water (which can only connect to other water ‘blocks’). The mechanics of making it work need some help there, but I’m sure you all get what I’m trying to describe.

EDIT: Would need some “dry” versions as well. I mean, what happens if your base gets raided and the enemy starts destroying those tiles. With blocks, they crumble and then disappear. With water ones, the stone parts could crumble and disappear, but the water would have to ‘splash’ and then evaporate. Touching tiles would drain water, too. Thus, the remaining tiles would be ‘dry’ without their water content. Water could only be contained once the water tiles were connected and sealed.

This was from one of Bodin’s threads and i was able to get it over here this is another wonderful idea.

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Well, if you’re looking to add to the chariot concept, there’s all kinds of “vehicles” that can be added. Mostly thinking of trade caravans at this point:

  1. Trade Caravans (camel and mule variants) - packs on animals alone
  2. Hand carts (thrall pulled) (like a wheelburrow, but with two wheels)
  3. Open Wagons (horse, mule, camel, rhino pulled variants)
  4. Closed carriages - hand carried (thralls) like a noble in a shaded, pillowed platform
  5. Closed carriages - animal pulled (like a horse and two-wheeled buggy or even horse and four-wheeled carriage)

Once again another good idea from Bodin.

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This is another large list of requests made by the community, to copy over and it contains loads of interesting ideas and desires as well! Feel free to check it out.

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Thalls Build Bases (not pre-constructed, but actually “build” over time)

I’d like to see long existing camps develop (at least a few of them). For example, let’s select the large “Dogs of the Desert” encampment at the Ruins of al-Merayah. You can find skilled thralls there. Let’s say after a week of game play, they start to develop the ruins (maybe add a sandstone 2x2 hut for their leader). If you were to stop by after that point, you might see a few thralls working on a sandstone wall. If left alone, maybe they’ll have it encased on all four sides with a small opening (guarded). After another week, maybe they’ll have a few more buildings (blacksmith, carpenter’s bench, furnaces, etc). And so on and so forth. Over time, you can see them building a base. If you attack them during their building process, you might slow down their progress and force them to spend time repairing it. But if left alone, they might develop a T2 or even T3 base (with loot stored inside).

And to make things more interesting, I would like to see these locations be given multiple options as to what kind of base they choose to build so its not the same one or type over and over again. Maybe the get “creative” in their wall design or choose to place thrall workstations in a different corner - or even spread out. That would give them the ‘illusion’ of a living base that isn’t static, but dynamically developing.

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You know i’d love to see an overhauled Legendary weapons addition. These are Legendary weapons for gods sake! Why do only some of them do stuff? Why not give El’s drinker the sword the ability to bleed enemies. Give the vaulting pole the ability to back flip or jump much higher! There is so much to be done here! For god sake Hanuman’s Gada weighs 25.00 Give that thing some special abilities its the heaviest weapon in game! Make each one unique and do something super special. We have to be level 60 to use them so lets make them all interesting and give us a reason to collect them all. Same goes for god weapons!


I know it has been suggested before, but it always good to remember, would be nice being able to write on notes and diaries, naming crafted weapons and captured thralls. ^^


Yeah that would be alot of fun!

For PvE (and probably PvE-c) rulesets: option to craft a storage chest that everyone can access even if you do not own it…that anyone could leave items in and anyone can take items out of.
Mentioned several times that this is desired … a way to gift things to players without having to be online with them…


I thought of an unusual thing that loops back to one of the other things i mentioned. I’d like to be able to duel wield shields! Perhaps giving a chance to block incoming damage even while fighting due to having more cover. I mean the shields have damage on them now so why not they are one handed and it would open up some pretty unique play styles.

More snap points to foundations, ceiling tiles, and walls. For example, the ability to place pillars on the corners of foundations and walls (even clipping into them) to give a more aesthetic look. The ability to snap five pillars to one edge of a foundation or ceiling tile (five pillars stacked close together like bars) or for wider gaps, like archery defensive positions, three (or just two) pillars along the edge of one foundation or ceiling tile with a width of a pillar gap.

| x
| o
| x
| o


Its not exactly to scale, but that’s the basic idea. The corner “x” positions would be more on the actual corners.
And the post is getting some unnecessary “help” by changing the bottom corner in a more perpendicular fashion than intended.


I once had the entire collection inside my armory. Looked nice, but reality is i only use maybe 13 of the legendary weapons + 1 of the shields. So for me, 66% are basically collectors items then thrall weapons:)

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Mechanic: Thralls and Animals react to Weather (especially Sandstorms)

Really seems immersion-breaking that the only ones who even notice a sandstorm are players. NPCs should ‘take cover’ whether that’s huddling up against an unexposed surface of a rock, behind a tree, or at the very least, trying to cover their face with a garment to breathe.

Animals should be taking cover, too. Not just continuing to wander around like nothing is happening.

Tamed thralls exposed to Sandstorms without mask should take damage (and seek ‘cover’ near their guard post).

And rain – ranged combat should be affect somewhat by rain. Maybe a slight reduction in arrow distance or slight ‘inaccuracy’ with javelin/throwing axe (slippery when releasing from the hand)?

EXTRA: It would also be nice if Sandstorms came with wind effects such as walking against the wind is slower or walking with the wind is a little faster. Arrows (ranged combat) are nearly impossible because of the winds (point blank range only).


i would agree with that reactions to weather, but ie they auto equip mask, but it be equiped also inside, then it will need patch wich will be almost impossible to do. mostly cus its all 1 zone, not like skyrim wich have separate interiors, if it be based on shelter indiccator, they will still wear masks near windows, and doors.

but overhaul of walking in sandstorm, and adding blizzard be great

dont take my bítching personal. some pepoles are just born as bítches

No patch necessary.