What about War Chariots as in Rome?

I just want you guys to watch this video and think how cool this would be with the new taming system.
Obviously, you would need to tamme 4 horses or something similar and build the chariot.

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I love this idea please add it

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I was watching Ben-Hur today and when I saw it I was like:


That is a nice idea but it would also require Horses or well trained Thralls :stuck_out_tongue:

I still like the idea tho :slight_smile:

Just a wagon for gathering would be nice. you could use a bearer thrall for that, that would make em useful again :smiley:

Any type of wagon or cart for transporting more materials would be cool. Racing in an arena like in the movie would also be a lot of fun. I’m already working on expanding my fort into a town, so having a coliseum to add to what I already have in mind would only make it more fun to build and explore. :slight_smile:


With the new pet taming system coming soon certain beasts can be used to pull these through as well as seeing in them in a pvp server , perhaps as they race with rare crafting items and hope they do not get flanked by some raiders and lose their goods

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