Some ideas for the game

So i feel like you should be able to tame the elephants and make a saddle for them where they can be used kinda like a cavalry for thralls and also pull siege engines or carts that can be used on raids they can also be used like a soaker for enemy archers which I feel would really spice up the meta of the game and the rhinos can be used in the same manner but i dont want the taming system to be like ark where you tranq it or somthing i feel like you could add in a whip and taming pen where you break the animals like you would a thrall. You could also make a mode of transportation for players by adding a dog sled that can be pulled by a pack of hyenas or a small barge that can be used to navigate the rivers or lay siege to bases that are on the water the barges can also help with farming by adding a few chests to it and then sailing up and down the rivers till you have filled the chests . Now I don’t know if these are reasonable but I feel like they would be amazing additions and make the game a lot of fun

I’ve got another good suggestion. Let us have our own private dedicated servers without renting them. Somewhere along the lines of using our own consoles as the servers

But yes I agree we should be able to tame mounts and beasts of burden

Funcom already stated that mounts won’t be in the game and their workaround was the maproom, but i support the idea of tamed beasts as carriers (maybe drag a packed camel around using the thrallropes).
And for the dedicated server @PenitentDamned: i suppose you are playing on Xbox? If so, it won’t be possible because the parallel server-hosting-process would roast the Xbox’s CPU. And by the way, these are my own guesses, it’s not final unless a Funcom employee clarifies it. :smiley:

It would be possible to host from Xbox if you had one to host and the other to play, similar to Ark or make it so a PC can host a server for Xbox, like Ark.

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I don’t necessarily want them to be mounts for us but more for your thrall so you can have a moving army that will help you level an enemy fortress the dog sled was more like a mobile chest at the beginning so that you don’t have to set up a base asap but travel around and explore a bit more when you start off

But what i’d love to see is more of a full scale war between clans being Able to march large military forces across the map for a large scale war like where in ark you can use your dinos to wage war i’d like to see thrall do the same thing like maybe add in a new kind of thrall that when placed has an option to follow you when you interact with it and then if you can tame cammels or elephants you can choose for them to mount them to strengthen your military powers and use them to siege a base i know some of this might be outrageous but it would be fun in my opinion to have a LOTR like war between clans