Some new gameplay suggestions

Here is a list of things our clan has talked about in recent weeks. Some of these have been mentioned others not let us know your thoughts.

  1. Change or add to the current lure system so that they do more than just attract an animal. They could be used to “tame” a wild animal and therefore also be used to tame animals in purges just like you can knock out and break a human NPC in a purge.
  2. Add a Clothing bench that allows us to place a captured workstation thrall and put any craft-able clothing on them just like we can for fighters and archers. This would allow us to theme ALL our thralls and stop the naked thralls from purges occupying our benches.
  3. Add armor slots to some animals.
  4. Allow us to have tamed Gorillas :slight_smile: we mean the big guys.
  5. Have Pictish versions of ALL greater pets not just the current 3.
  6. Add Pictish Flags,Banners,Torches and beds.
  7. Add Blizzards for the north even if it’s when the sandstorm is down south make the temps drop or some visual effect that damages players if not wearing the correct items. If you can add heat to the volcano you can add freezing to the whole of the snow biome.

Have an awesome day exlies.

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We thought more players would want these things maybe not?

Bump for more content.

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