Thrall control suggestions

hello everyone, here are my suggestions list for CE
1- may I have a whistle to give attacking or retreat order to my follower?

2-evolution: is there a way that followers get exp point from slaying?
so that the weakest thrall may become equal to the strongest?

3- is there a possibility that bearer thrall may have an auto-scavenging or looting ability?

4-is there a way that my animal companions may have a taunt ability? to scare away small fries or get the aggro?

5- is there a possibility that my follower/or just my crocodile companion learn how to swim ?

6- may I put my useless thrall in a cage an not in a box?

7-can my thrall learn and use an emote?
have a nice day !

  1. this would definitevely be great, at least having some commands for active/passive, agressive state or so.

  2. when we look at the interface, we could thing they would, or it could be implemented in futur. How it will work, no clue, not ever if really planed for sure.

  3. that would indeed be lovely to have, and give a particual utility more to this kind of thralls. Purge thralls can steel stuff from your chests, so why not ?

  4. Yes, maybe, balance here is important to maintain i think. I would wish more variety in HP depending the beasts, ever where you get them. This would make to hunt them, spot the right babies to rise more valuable to.
    For me it’s bit odd that a greater shaleback comes with same amount of HP than a greater bear or sabretooth. There should be more differences.

  5. Yes, or give them a tube :rofl: so they could at least go away from the little island in Sepermeru when coming out the Midnight Grove.
    But yes, swimming animals, that’s a old story, not sure if we will see the swimming crocos one day. :wink:

  6. I think it’s a performance reason here. In a box they have not to show up, in a cage this would be bit the goal. While i love the idea, and use currently in one of my games a mod doing that, i think for official server it’s a perf issue unfortunately.
    With my mod i have different cages where the thralls are or sleeping, praying, dancing or whatever. Looks very great and immersive of course.

  7. Again, yes, i think of course they could. Some mods do it very well right now. So why not ?

Have a nice day to ! :smile:


adding onto point 7… this would allow us to place NPCs ad decorations and not just ground troops. also could we have the ability to select the dance that dancers can do? also make the dancers able todo every learnable dance?


Yes please and limit the number of thralls a player can summon to 30 and 20 pets


How about a slider in the Server settings instead, rather than a set number for everyone? I can understand competing clans wanting to limit the number of NPC resources available to each other, and online servers to reduce server strain, but solo players and role-playing servers might need more non-people people per player in the world.

The problem with any set number, whether it’s 20, 30 or 100, is that it serves only one type of player, and is either too high or too low for everyone else. That’s why it needs to be adjustable.

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Maybe only the dances the player allready learned, this would make more sens. Bit like you teach them what to dance. :wink:


There a mods, like Pippi, adding thralls-like creatures like props. They don’t fight, but can be used at mannekins, or like you said, people standing around, and doing some stuff. They can be put in animation.

The other minus point here would be the perfomance cost on populated servers. Especially the official pve servers would be hit be that i imagine. People would have still more and more such thralls standing around in bases as decoration.
This may be a principal reason we don’t see them in the base game. :wink:


Another thing I would really like is to have thralls man the drawbridge, so the drawbridge can be retracted while you’re out and about.


That would be great, a telecommand-thrall in a way. :rofl:

Not sure how to implement it right now, but i love the idea for sure. The bridges are still tricky, and this would be immersive for role-play.


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