Thrall suggestions

it would be nice if we could whistle the thralls non-aggressive when near npc’s or bosses so we can call them off so they do not get killed. whistle them to do different tasks. like be aggressive, passive, or neutral. just like in ark with your tames. they also need to be able to be leveled up so they aren’t weak and get killed in one hit. the pets are so bad the only one I get is the silverback. not sure they are any good. I just get them because of the high health points.


if they are dying, jist run away dood. get far enough and they teleport right out of the fight to you 8] that said, i would love to order em to do more stuff and be able to call single lost thralls to the thrall pot.

thanks for the info. did not think about that as I was pinned down by a bunch of skeletons and couldn’t even move. I would actually rather have my character yell orders at them like stand down or heel lol.

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