Thralls new options (Passive / Agressive)

Hi guys,
i want to make a proposal about thralls, since you guys are already working on level and riding systems, i want to give you guys a idea.
This option should help you when you don’t want your thrall to attack something, without your will.
By example, when you want to tame a thrall and you already have a thrall following you, you won’t be able because he is gonna attack it and maybe kill it. When you just want to visit a player and you want to be friendly, you can’t, because your thrall is gonna attack him.
Also this thing happens: when your thrall finish to kill your target, he is gonna run and chase another mob who is nearby (even that means entire thralls village).

*** When you hold E button on thralls to show you the options, how about placing some buttons to put the thrall on Passive or Agressive mode.

** Why i’m posting this?
I just want to make the game better and help this community and his team.


I’m surprised this wasn’t in at launch.


This is actually something that has been requested since pet release, and many of us were surprised it wasn’t put in right away. Hoping with changes and the horses being released they’ll look into it again as it’s much needed.

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