Order to stop thralls from attacking

Seriously. Way too many times did I happen to come upon a thrall I wanted to take but sadly I couldn’t get the chance because my thrall/pet is already slaughtering it.

Give us some way to command thralls to stop/continue attacking.


Bravo this is a really good suggestion, several times we need to capture and not kill an npc, or to talk with another player without having the fear that my thrall or his will start attacking. Plus i build homes in pvp servers, not bases, and i have often guests. To invite them in i have to remove all the thralls. I don’t know if theese reasons i mention will make funcom to spend thousands of euro to add this order to thralls, still dreaming is not bad. Thanks for this post my friend, merry Christmas :christmas_tree::santa::tada::heart::+1:

And also, when we attack something, could it please not run off -the other way- and attack something else… -.-

It’s clumsy, but keep in mind your thrall is tethered to you. If you see a named thrall you want and your thrall/pet starts going after it, run far enough away to make them teleport to you; that will force them to disengage. Then you can put them in “scout” mode (stop following) to have them just stand there while you take care of business. But make sure you really are a good distance away. If the thrall is in scout mode and sees you being attacked, they’ll jump in and then you’re really off to the races because they won’t leash in that state. So make sure they’re nowhere near the clubbing action.

Edit: All that said, they really need to add three states to thralls: aggressive (what they are now), defensive (attack only what attacks them or you, nothing else) and passive (stand there, do nothing and watch you get the beatdown). Why this wasn’t implemented from the start, I have no idea. This is game pet mechanics 101.


Great idea, but I just use caution, scout ahead, and equip at truncheon on my thrall. Not saying I wouldn’t prefer more commands.

I’d like to see the same system wow uses…

You can set your thralls to PASSIVE / AGGRESSIVE / NEUTRAL as soon as you toggle neutral it stops attacking etc…

PASSIVE - When aggro is initiated the pet begins (same as we have it now)
AGGRESSIVE - Will kill regardless of initiation…anything not friendly will invoke its wrath
NEUTRAL - No matter what happens it just becomes a peace loving hippy.

If you’re inviting people over to visit on a PvP server and you’re not locking them in and then dropping gas and fire orbs from the ceiling, you’re doing it wrong. Just sayin’.

If you’re on a pvp server and you don’t have friends to form an alliance,
you might be in for a rough time.
With the thrall limit, alliance rather than clan is the new meta.

As for the thread topic, I’m for a passive, aggressive, guard stance command. like in WoW.
But since we can’t simply put the pet away like in WoW I would suggest a return home option as well.

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One of my biggest pet peeves…:grin:. I would like to go even further than just the pet/thrall you have following and be able to stop my camp from attacking if I wanted. Lost a t4 blacksmith from a purge the other day because my angry camp mob destroyed him in seconds. Maybe a whistle…or gong…or trumpet…or just a button in settings. All i know is if I had a pet or thrall that should be trained to do what I say, I should be able to stop them from ripping someones throat out.

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I completely agree. We need an Agression On/Off option. I was really hoping that this would have been implemented with the Thrall Levelling and ‘break bond’ features. Hopefully it will accompany an future AI overhaul or improvments. At this stage the AI is one of the few things holding back an already outstanding game.

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To answer to Megaton… I play on pvp servers because pve c and pve are so over builded and bugged that you cannot enjoy the game. Chaos preserves on official servers because we dont have built limit. The system that i play is peaceful , i dont join clans to fight just to farm & build. Farm & Build is always the name of my clan, and my characters name is Bella.

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