Give Thralls simple guard orders

I don’t like the fact that thralls attack everything they see on sight, and instead you should give them 3 different postures for them that can be swaped at will.

1 - Aggressive: Just the way they already are, they’ll attack everything they see.
2 - Passive: Will only attack players damaging it’s master structures, stealing items from containers or attacking its master or other thralls.
3 - Defensive: The same as passive but it will also attack players with weapons in their quickbar ( or maybe only if wielding them. )

I think passive should be no attacking at all, that way let’s see you have a friend coming to join your clan or had a ally clan nearby you can call off the thralls or deactivate them along enough for the other players to not be killed, other tha n that agree conpletely.

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Great Idea.
Most Fighter/Archer Thralls don’t attack other players at all though and just attack with them fists, fixing this and despawning Thralls should be prioritized.

During Early Access one of the things they wanted to do was create a settlement system. Which would have included something like that. Getting the AI to work well for that has been a challenge. As such they didn’t include anything like that in release. A bad AI system would be worse than the current system. (potentially)

In EA the general pattern was to put them away. A nice Barracks with no door works well.

I can’t recall if this is something they are planning to do still for a future update or not.

Passive is no attacking at all, they’ll just attack if the other player attacks, If you call a friend from another clan to visit you base they should not fire at all, since the player isn’t causing havoc.

But anyway, the parameters could be anything, I just proposed a couple of suggestions, I just don’t want the thralls to attack anyone that approaches.

Great Idea! Hope Funcom sees these good ideas. Rpers would love the passive option.