Make thralls useful

Thralls are currently pretty pointless (at least the combat ones) other than as decorations. I think it would help a lot if they could not kill each other, or friendly players by accident. My fighters always aoe each other to death if there is an attack.

I have found most to be useless especially archers who hit nothing except me during a fight.

I can live with them being bad but It’s the named and lvl 3 fighters I wish would be better and tougher.
Was raided a few weeks back and I had 4 named fighters in one room defending it.
All were cut down in seconds by one player at lvl 45.
They hurt each other a bit I think but still, I expect a thrall that took ages to knock out and days to cook in the wheel of pain to survive more than a few seconds against a player.

They had the elephant heavy armour (Not sure its name) and a mix of steel weapons with roughly at 30 to 40 health damage. Took ages to gather the materials and make those items and I watched them all fall to one player with the same strength weapon (Maybe a bit stronger).

For friendly fire - admin of server can change it (default it’s 0.2 if i recall). Bigger issue for me is lack of AI for thralls, one is that they hit each other/player since they “try” to predict targets lane of move. But given archers on ramps/roofs etc. They don’t even bother to react on enemy attack. Field of reactionf or archers should be increased to ~max effective bow range? Same they should have option to “Stand ground” (not chase nor move from given position, only fire when possible) making them true wall- archers.

My work around for archers moving is to block them in or put them on a pedestal. They still only attack targets once in a bluemoon but at least they don’t go running off anymore.

My archers would literally go around the island to reach their target because my wall and gate house does not allow them too.

It would be nice if you could assign them to a post similar to what you find in Fallout 4. Maybe add a few options on how they will react. Put the options on the placed item and not the thrall. When a thrall placed with said item it changes their default behavior to what is setup.

Making it easier to manage how thralls react to the location they are placed.