Remove Thrall Feature

There is an annoying feature for the thralls where they react to things, like if your mate punches you they come to you and then run back to their post sometimes after a certain period of time, i suggest you remove this because or fix it to where they dont get stuck on stairs and they don’t react to friendly fire and block doorways or stairs. Tried moving them back even tho they were stuck on stairs and they just run back to the stairs and continue running into it. Also when your base gets attacked they all run to where the bombs are and stand at the wall/door thats getting blown into, then they die, they are pretty useless.


This problem still continues. Thralls group up wherever anything happens. No matter who friend or foe does it. Then they just sit there in the way, blocking doors from opening, running back to that spot even when you move them back.

We should be able to command them as to what to do. This is my proposal. Yes its from Ark and it works.

Put a commands quick select on the top of the emote wheel for commanding all nearby thralls. Putnit at the top of the long press wheel when selecting thralls for commanding individual thralls. Add a “command type” option to command all thralls of the type selected to command.

Stand down/ passive - do not react to combat, friendly damage, or nearby wild npc’s or other players. (Stands without weapon drawn)

On Gaurd / defensive- attack hostile npc or players after they have attacked a friendly player, npc, or structure. Set path mapping to return to original position once there is no aggro.
(Stance weapon drawn, relaxed hold)

Kill on sight/ aggressive - attack any wild npc or non alligned player within aggro range. Return to original position 10 - 30 seconds after aggro is lost.
(Stance weapon drawn, fighting stance, tense)
Low/ Medium/high aggro range - change the aggro range of your thralls.

On me! / hold! - nearby thralls follow you/ stop following (new assigned place is where they are standing now)

Archers should have the option to either hold position or pursue targets.

Optional content
For individual thralls a simple walked patrol route would be useful and already exists with npcs in villages. Where they are standing is the starting point and select up to (x) number of points to walk in a circular or linear path returning to the starting point. If pathing won’t allow the path chosen don’t allow the path.
Once again optional. I just want to be able to command my thralls.