Captured Thralls/Friendly Fire Needs to be Fixed

I could go on and on about this so I am going to keep it brief. I am hoping enough people up-vote this so the developer takes notice.

Here are the main issues:

Problem: Can not take thralls out as companions because you can damage them yourself/friendly fire.

Problem Part 2: Thralls can kill each other causing them to be useless for base defense. If you have 5 fighters get ready for them to hit each other to death while trying to fight an intruder.

Solution: Make it so that clan members can not hurt their own thralls. Make it so that captured thralls can not hurt other captured thralls of that clan.

Problem: Thralls wander too far from their origin location getting them killed.

Solution: Give the option to set a point of origin/ guarding area. When the enemy is too far away they will stop pursuing and head back. I know there is some kind of a snap back to origin currently but it needs to be touched up and fixed.

Problem: Enemies in the wild immediately try to kill thralls first before attacking you.

Solution: Set it so that player characters are the priority.

Problem: Thralls seem to always be on aggressive.

Solution: Give thralls options such as passive, neutral (where they attack only when being attacked or a structure around them is attacked), and aggressive. Also a turret setting for archers would be great where they do not move at all from their origin point and when something gets out of range they stop shooting.

Also, just part of my wishlist but thralls gaining xp, leveling up, and getting skills as you fight while they are your companion would add a lot of depth to the thralls/companion system.

Please post any other issues that you noticed for the developers, thank you!


I haven’t wasted my time with the thrall system yet, it was one of the more appealing things about the game but from everyone’s stories it seems to be the least appealing now.

While I can understand that if you accidentally hit your thrall it would damage them, it makes for a bad time, maybe a severely reduced damage? Or still have the interrupt effect with no damage because that could potentially lead to them taking more damage anyways.

The way I’ve seen them acting in bases is garbage. Not only to they kill each other but during raid times they won’t attack other players, this is very stupid.

I absolutely agree that some sort of area of control should be assigned to the thralls so they are not wandering around ■■■■■ nilly and dying.

I don’t agree that the player character should be the enemy priority, your thrall is supposed to be protecting its master, so it should be taking the aggro. If I was attack by a player and it’s thrall I would kill the thrall first

They are a bunch of aggressive silly fools aren’t they? It just furthers my opinion that I’m just not going to use them for now because they seem to be very annoying.

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I won’t be wasting any time dragging some half wit across the desert until they at least fix thrall behavior, it’s sad, I was looking forward to that element of the game

The thralls saved my base last night. they protected one side while i protected the other from spider infestation.
at the 3rd wave it spawned a boss creature. if it was for my named thralls pushing him off with hmamers. i would never have had the time to replace the archers and actually kill the mountain of a spider. yuck i tell you. yuck.

its a bit buggy. but it works and it helps a lot in material cost reduction. and added recipies. so dont count em out.