Combat Thralls are still completely useless

As title says: Thralls are completely useless. It doesn’t matter if they’re tier 3-4 with endgame gear, anyone can dodge them, snipe them or straight up overpower them. Since the launch of Conan’s EA I have not had a single thrall- or even an army of thralls, provide any resistance to 1-2 well equipped players. The combat revamp has apparently done nothing for them as ‘expert’ archers still drunkenly miss every shot and fighters are just plain clumsy.

Because of this void there is absolutely no viable base defense against other players.


Thanks for posting this. I posted something similar which has a suggestion. Hope this gets Funcom’s attention.

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Without a doubt. Thralls are useless and a waste of precious time. One would think that funcom could see this.

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Upvote and copying the post from my similar thread called Captured Thralls/Friendly Fire Needs to be Fixed:

I could go on and on about this so I am going to keep it brief. I am hoping enough people up-vote this so the developer takes notice.

Here are the main issues:

Problem: Can not take thralls out as companions because you can damage them yourself/friendly fire.

Problem Part 2: Thralls can kill each other causing them to be useless for base defense. If you have 5 fighters get ready for them to hit each other to death while trying to fight an intruder.

Solution: Make it so that clan members can not hurt their own thralls. Make it so that captured thralls can not hurt other captured thralls of that clan.

Problem: Thralls wander too far from their origin location getting them killed.

Solution: Give the option to set a point of origin/ guarding area. When the enemy is too far away they will stop pursuing and head back. I know there is some kind of a snap back to origin currently but it needs to be touched up and fixed.

Problem: Enemies in the wild immediately try to kill thralls first before attacking you.

Solution: Set it so that player characters are the priority.

Problem: Thralls seem to always be on aggressive.

Solution: Give thralls options such as passive, neutral (where they attack only when being attacked or a structure around them is attacked), and aggressive. Also a turret setting for archers would be great where they do not move at all from their origin point and when something gets out of range they stop shooting.

Also, just part of my wishlist but thralls gaining xp, leveling up, and getting skills as you fight while they are your companion would add a lot of depth to the thralls/companion system.

Please post any other issues that you noticed for the developers, thank you!

My biggest gripe that hasn’t been touched on (and may affect some bits that have) about thralls is the logic for equipping weapons.

I give a fighter thrall a good weapon, and the moron runs around punching things. Give them a shield and they’ll never equip or use the thing. I give an archer a bow, and possibly a weapon for close up protection, and the moron equips fists upon seeing an enemy, runs down the stairs and gets murdered, instead of sitting on the top of the tower and shooting like I would expect.

TLDR; thralls should NEVER have just fists out when in combat, unless they have no other weapon.