Thrall and pet friendly fire

How useless is the best thrall or pet? Completely useless. Why you may ask? Because I keep killing them all!! I’m sick of my thralls and pets getting killed for fighting alongside me. Greater sabertooth dead, greater wolf dead, greater boar dead, greater sand reaper queen dead. Friend fire with your thralls is bull. Hours of farming and breeding for what? So I can kill them if they stand too close in a fight? Or Watch them die because If it try to help them I hit them too? Ether the thrall dose all the work or I need to halt them off in a corner so I don’t kill them. What is the point of having it then?


I got a beefed up thrall with nice bow and accuracy armor and its pretty funny when he accidentally shoots me in the back of the head. I actually laugh. I think if you hit your thrall once it ignores it so just dont hit it twice? I dunno I never kill my own thralls but like I said sometimes they shoot me in the back of the head when im not side rolling!

I love my thrall i put him i the heaviest armor I can and he tanks bosses for me.

Your archer wont walk in front of you while your fighting someone. Any pet or fighting thrall will.

End game thralls can literally take around 80+ hits to kill with end game weapons and 40+ strength, so if you’re “accidentally” killing your own thralls, then that’s your own fault for failing to pay attention. It’s actually quite difficult to kill your own thralls, even intentionally.


Yep. If I bring a thrall to the Unnamed City to fight the big Skeletors, they swing at each other at such close range that I inevitably hit both if I try to help, and even though the Skeletor itself hits hard, my thrall is still always left standing after each fight. So I can’t imagine actually killing an endgame thrall by accident.

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So It’s my fault that my thrall steps in front of me during a combo and he gets a 10 stack of poison from a venom infused axe? It’s my fault that my thrall steps in front of my and gets hit off a cliff by my hammers knock down? I need to tiptoe around a fight because it’s my fault the AI is too stupid to not walk in front of me in a fight. That is not an acceptably answer.

If you’re unable to pay attention to your surrounding while you’re fighting, then don’t bring thralls or pets to fight alongside you. And you’ll stop killing them.

Lots of unacceptable answers. Not seeing any real solutions.

I’m sure you enjoy hiding behind your T4 thrall in epic level heavy armor shooting healing arrows. However for people who actually play the game your Greater bear teleporting in front of you in mid combo swing and getting bleed and poison is a problem. Not being able to help your thrall or pet when they are surrounded because you will hit them too is a problem. Flanking an npc and still hitting your pet or thrall on the other side is a problem. Saying get good is not a valid response.

You haven’t said what mode you play on … I play on an official pve server and my thralls and pets do not take damage from players either clan or non-clan.

I believe if you are playing in single player or co-op there is a server setting you can access via Admin status to disable “friendly fire”.

It is a PvP and PvE-conflict thing. It doesn’t happen in PvE.

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Playing on pve introduces a new set of problems with thralls. for example not being able to finish combos because your thrall insists on getting in between you and you enemy. Also there has been time that I died, all because I needed to evade but couldn’t because my thrall got in the way. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, The easiest way to fix thralls is to give us the ability to give them commands. We should be able to tell thralls What, When, where to attack and when to stop. I mean come on! World of Warcraft was made in 2004 and had better pet controls.


Ive never killed my 1.5k hp thralls either tbh You MIGHT have a concentration problem as it gives you 1 free hit without hurting your Thrall.

What Conan needs most is a Radial Wheel system like Monster Hunter World.

L1 needs to be adjusted for this. So we get 4 wheels instead of the one Interaction Wheel.

Tap L1 - Collect Materials
Hold L1 - Radial Opens, press a Face Button to swap wheels.

Triangle - Interaction Wheel
Circle - Follower Combat Wheel
Square - Hotbar Wheel 2
Cross - Hotbar Wheel 1

The system remembers your last used Wheel and that is what is opened when L1 is held. To select something on the wheels, use R-stick to go to it, and press R3 to select.

That’s how MH World does it, and it’s a damned nice system to have. We can customize what are on the two hotbars, while the other two can have fixed selections.

8 to use for Follower Wheel:

Up - Attack My Target
Left - Attack Freely
Right - Defend (Me, Yourself, None)
Down - Attack Nothing

Up/Left - Guard Here
Up/Right - Follow Me
Down/Left - Distance to Maintain (Near, Moderate, Far)
Down/Right -

The defend command means they come after who is targeting you, or else they go after who is targeting them. None disables and is used with the Attack Nothing command.

Attack Freely, they attack what the AI dictates, Attack My Target they go after the next thing you hit, and won’t switch to a new target until you do the command again.

Distance is a cycle option to govern how close they stick to you.


Happens in a fight that i hit my thralls, but never killed a bit highter thrall by accident.

To kill a well geared thrall you need really hit them badly, better play with a setting you can turn off friendly-fire if so. Anyway there servers around with friendly fire turned off i believe, if not all pve servers. I’m not used to pve settings.

Could be. Haven’t played MHW, but based on what you said, the key mapping is done better.

It really is. Should see it in action. In the radials on World, you get 8 per radial, and you map them to what you want. All are custom.

Becomes easy to snap it up, grab a potion without even looking.

How about the touch pad. It really needs love. It can be used as a button, it has two sides that behave like to buttons and we can draw with it.

I think a controller has found itself have three base divisions: d-pad is social interaction, s-pad is utility and the rear buttons are for engagement. I’ve played Destiny a lot and that model seems to go with this layout while Diablo 3 does this too to a degree. The issue with CE is that there are buttons that overlap some commands and the standard controller key layout for their OS navigation are in conflict. My fingers constantly get messed up.

I dont know why but when I use the target lock function I dont hit my thrall

How is it possible with target lock on to only hit the target ? I wonder…