Pets and Thralls take friendly fire damage when the fight alongside you

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Anywhere

If you and your pet/thrall are fighting the same enemy, your pet/thrall will take damage from your area-of-effect attacks. Also, by the way, you can kill your pet/thrall just by attacking them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Hit pet/thrall with your weapon. It will take damage.

Hey there,

If you’re playing single-player, please make sure to disable friendly fire from the server settings tab (in Options).

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you know what is also funny. When you fight multiple NPCs they dont hurt each other with friendly fire.

Funny right ? We take friendly fire but npcs dont ? lol

I would like to point out that NPC’s can harm each other if they have attacks. Of course they have to be in each others attack range for that to happen, even though they’re targeting you. Even thralls can hurt other NPC’s even if they’re not on your side.

Thats because they would all kill each other trying to hit the player, it would be way more easier than already is.

I mis-posted. I meant to put this in PC bugs. Anyhow, I don’t have Options under server settings. But under Combat i have friendly fire set to 0.1, and my pets still take damage.

Moving thread to PC then :slight_smile:
Also remember to unselect the PVP-Enabled checkbox. Just in case, since you’re on PC: are you using any mods?

Pets can take damage during PVP times. From you or anyone.

Outside of PVP Times, only other NPC things (animals, people etc) can do them damage. Human players can not bc they count as “structures” in a way.

I would guess you’re playing during the active PvP window. Have to be more careful. If you don’t want friendly fire, wait til outside PVP hours to go after the boss etc.

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