Friendly fire setting does not affect friendly thralls or pets

Even with the friendly fire setting at 0.1 pets and thralls still take full damage if I hit them.
It won’t to much of a problem but they keep jumping in front of me.
Is there any way to changes this?

Hmm. Coulda sworn there was a setting for that, but I’m looking at the wiki right now and the description for friendly fire says “friendly players”. It does not mention thralls. If this is true then my desire for having a pet or thrall follow me around just went down the tubes.

Didn’t have one before because I wasn’t sure there was a friendly fire setting and companion AIs are notorious for getting themselves killed by friendly fire. Then got somewhat more enthused about it when I saw that there was a setting. Now, not so much, so thanks for that. :confounded:

Also not really looking forward to stray sword swings chopping my guards up during future purges.

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Thrall and Pet taken damage is tied to building damage.

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thank you

Wouldn’t that also change the damage other players and mobs do to them too though?

It should, I haven’t tested it yet.

I know if building damage is off, I cannot hurt thralls/pets, but NPCs can. But other players cannot. Not sure about the slider for building dmg however.

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Ok, that would work well for a SMP game then. I just didn’t want to make my thralls invulnerable to all enemies. It would make going around with a thrall pretty boring.

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