My pets and thralls take 100% freindly fire damage

My pets and thralls took all the damage I deal - with only 0.1 friendly fire(

Hey there,

Is this happening in single player, online private or online official? Are you using any mods?

On my private server. Tried with and without mods - alway the same.
Mods Im using pickup+, Fashionist and Exiled_lands_improved.
Funny is - before server restart they took 0 damage. Is it possible that some mode reseted some settings?

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It could be very well possible. We’re still going to send your feedback to our team and see if they can reproduce the issue internally.

Is there any parameter I can set for pets/thralls ff damage?

The only parameters we can think of besides FF damage multiplier is Enabling/Disabling PVP (which would disable FF completely).

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Thanks! That’ll work as work around :slight_smile: If I find something out - will post here

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My pets took my gas posion damage when fighting a croc boss on official 1036.

It is normal that area attacks hit friendies as well.
You may use a tnrall that is equipped with a Sandstorm-Mask, this protects from gas as well.
Unfortunately there is no such protection for pets…

Really I never knew, and how come its only sometimes?

I have no idea why it is only sometimes. Maybe it has to do with the hitbox of the pet, i.e. where the head of the animal is located?
Sorry that I can be of no more help here.

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