Unfriendly Fire

Is there a mod to truly eliminate friendly fire (to thralls and pets)? Bleeding out my buddies is rough

I don’t know what admin settings I have tweaked, but my thralls are totally immune to friendly damage now. (while the friendly damage modifier is default 0.2)

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Couldn’t you put the FF modifier on 0, or does it not go that low?

It goes down to 0.1, but my minions still get full damage from my attacks and get debuffs from me

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Sounds strange. On my private server they get almost no damage from me with 0.2 (I can’t say anything about bleeding because I don’t use “bleed” weapons).

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Do you need PVP? If not turn it to PVE and change the setting “Can damage player owned structures.”

PVE will prevent damage to players. The other setting will turn off damage to thralls and pets.


Our server is pvp enabled building damage turned off friendly fire .1 I believe minimal or damage to fuzzy followers. @WanderingTruncheon

thanks for the replies all. Looks like PVP disabled did the trick. I will keep responses in mind for if I ever need pvp in my SP life

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Did not realize your in single player. It is your own world then have fun. @WanderingTruncheon

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