A Thrall Whistle (Revisted)

I made a post the other day about a Thrall whistle, calling them to your side from anywhere on the map. I saw some people say it should be nearby Thralls, and not anywhere on the map.
I had another idea. Have different whistles for different actions: Neutral

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I could see this working as a way to set aggression levels for your local thralls and being like a weapon that has two tones played with each attack type one tone to make them hostile the other passive.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whistle though, I could be a verbal command as well. :slight_smile:

As fun as that sounds, its alot.

The idea of “Calling” A thrall would be nice under the condition of you dieing and them scouting in a random direction 30 feet in dense forest, then calling them and quickly locating them, i like.

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