Sound the alarm!

Since there is a big horn, and a gong in game, how about allowing any thrall in range to ‘sound the alarm’ if the go into attack mode? I know that most of them yell when attacked, but it would be nice to let them make a major ruckus (i.e. have the noise carry further) when attacked.

Just a thought…


i dont think you will like that at all… imagine someone just teasing the horn thrall … and keep everyone annoyed with constant sound. Although would be awesome if it had a cooldown of like once per hour it can be blown.

I like that kinda rally ur troops if the purge is coming in one side of ur base help slow down the purges destruction a lil bit lol I’d like that

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It would be nice to see thralls using the horn when a base gets attacked.

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I’ll settle for them to able to properly follow me and properly fight for me first.

I’d like this as a player function for the horns. The idea being that your thralls within a reasonable distance will rally to the location of the horn you just sounded. Not sure I’d want my thralls sounding the horn, those guys are idiots. :wink:

hehe, i remember that feature in other games, where your farmers rally to the TownHall when you sound the alarm :slight_smile:

in those older games, even basic workers will take up arms to defend the base… but in Conan Exiles, they literally can take up arms… and legs :smiley:

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