Add thrall commands triggered by horn

when dealing with 20+ thralls during a purge, it’s just not possible to run around changing out their weapons so they would use range instead of melee or switch to truncheon on command. or even telling them to go to rally point ‘alpha’ would be a bonus.

as such, i would request this be added:

  • add an audible command, like a horn, with a number of tones (clan horn)
  • add a squad commander class that stays near the horn (this could be the clan leader)
  • add a number of actions for each thrall specified by clan members
  • a thrall action could be use weapon A, put on gas mask, retreat, stand at attention, weapons ready, etc
  • there should be a series of formation commands also available
  • animal thralls would only be able to follow certain commands and only if there is a tamer within range
  • allow thrall actions to be triggered by the clan horn if the thrall is within audible range
  • allow the user to ‘play’ the clan horn briefly to issue commands (3 tones only, 10 second cool down)
  • once the clan horn is blown, it can take damage thereby becoming a primary target

once added, a user could call his troops into formation on the squad commander.
order the troops to attention (this becomes the rally point).
then to weapons ready.
orders melee to slow march towards a circular area down field.
then orders archers to fire volley into that circular area.
and finally melee charge to that area, attacking anything in their path.
the user could then call retreat or advance to new area or simply return to rally point

it’d be really cool to see that happen.




Something like this would be cool.

Would also be nice if we could store positions for the thralls beforehand. Like, creating a defensive position for attacks from east and a defensive position for attacks from south. And then have the thralls switch between their positions with the horn.

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