More orders for thralls

We need more orders for thralls. For example an order for archers to stay at their position and shot if possible or an order for dancers to in the same way stay on their possitions and defend just if they get attacked. It is nice that my dancers want to help defending against the purge but a dancer with light clothes or sometimes even naked should not fight T3 and T4 purge mobs or monsters. Okay, I could close up the thralls I dont want to defend against a purge but lets be honest, when the purge alarm starts with his 10 minutes timer, I have other work to do than running around and moving dancer thralls.


More/improved thrall commands are/were an upcoming feature:

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Hurray!!! :partying_face:

Oh great, this are good news. Thank you

I hope they add in more detailed thrall commands like telling thralls what and when to attack. We should be able to target an enemy and send a thrall to attack it.

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YES! Please do asap! I’m sick of my archers running outside and trying to bloody melee the enemy and getting killed!!!


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Yes please i want my thrall to be able to patrol from one poit to another

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Would be awesome to points a target and get the thrall to attack that one instead of a random one in the opposite directions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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