A Thrall Whistle

A whistle emote to call your thrall or your pet to your side. It’ll attract your last followed thrall/pet to you from anywhere on the map.


Maybe not anywhere, but close enough, and for pets. Alongside this, adding a messenger pigeon emote would summon a thrall and this would encompass the whole map. :yum:

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Hummmm, don’t you think this can be insanely op in PvP ? I agree having this for nearby recent follower that you told to stop at certain spot is ok, and still they would have to run at you and not just teleport, but calling thralls or pets from anywhere its too much.


the idea is not bad, it should be the nearest slave or pet. and would add another whistle to command him to attack a target

Emotes =3

Call could have a sub-effect.
Flirt aimed at thrall for sexy time dance.

and on and on, till i get to preverted. XD

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