"Horn of Summoning" for Followers

Since there is going to be a thrall limit I propose the “Horn of Summoning” to help players keep track of those limited and very valuable thralls. (This could also help with the issue of currently lost thralls counting against your limit.) See: Where are all the thralls?!?

An in game player made tool resembling the war horn already in the game just much smaller, hand held, and kept in the players inventory.

The player would equip this item to their hot bar to use the item. Upon usage, the horn makes a loud horn sound effect and brings the player into a menu listing every pet and thrall the player/clan owns.

Upon selecting the pet/thrall it is summoned to the player location and is automatically following them.

If player already has a follower the horn will not work, and they will receive the already existing in game message they have too many thralls following them already.

Make a reasonable cool down timer on the horn so it can’t be used to excess. 20 minutes or so. This way it would still be more viable to move followers to use for pvp purposes manually, than it would be to just try and spam the horn.

  • This would solve the issue of thralls lost and forgotten throughout the map.
  • Make moving base locations in game much easier.
  • Allow the player to summon the help of a follower or mount without returning home every time.

Feed back on this idea welcome. Thanks!

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It’s a nice idea and it is already existing as a mod. But it could be exploitable to summon a Thrall/pet.

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Exploitable? If there is a 20+ minute timer I don’t understand how this would evolve into an exploit. The point would be to summon a pet or thrall in situations you might need some help, as well as allow you to summon thralls you have lost track of.

pretty sure they said they are workin on somethin like this but not in this patch. 8]

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That is the problem, this should come before the thrall limit change, otherwise some players will be handicapped in regards to the number of over all thralls they will have. If thralls are lost or in locations unknown to the player, there is no other way to track them down other than randomly stumbling onto them while exploring. If as stated in the other thread on this particular issue, some of those lost thralls are floating way up in the air somewhere… They could be near impossible to find without a tool like this.

Sounds good to me.

I don’t like the idea of going thru the trouble of hand picking my thralls to meet the cap limit only to find out that I actually was over the cap (due to missing, under mesh, misc reasons) and then the server starts randomly deleting my thralls until the cap is reached.

We NEED to know how many thralls we have and where they are all at…otherwise, you could have a crappy thrall you had since the beginning of the game hanging out counting towards your thrall cap limit and causing you to loose some of your best hand picked thralls when the random delete’n happens.

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@TwoJay would you mind telling me what mod that is i’ve looked for it a few times and can’t seem to find it… i would really like to implement it on my server.

i think this should be added as a base feature or something though i don’t think they realize hw easy it is to lose a thrall… and it never show back up at the base

True. I mean I still keep the first girl I captured around, and I plan to keep doing that even if, in her dotage, she won’t partake in the leveling system - but being underpowered is nothing new, it’s not like she compared favorably to Spinas, Bandit Leader or even the poor ol’ Captain. But reserving a spot for her needs to be a decision I’m making on purpose, not something that happens because you randomly lost thralls inside terrain and/or foundations (which apparently people are having issues with - hasn’t happened to me, that I know of, but then I’m a sample size of 1).

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It’s not even about them being lost in mesh or anything, just so many clans have passed stuff down to my clan… There is stuff we keep finding all over the world map.

Cant wait for someone summoning 10 Sand Reaper Queens right on top of your base :rofl:

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The Mod is named ThrallSideKick 0.4.9

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Since the horn only summons one thrall/pet your 10 idea does not work.

Please read the suggestion before posting.

With a 20 minute cool down, to summon the next thrall, ten would take 200 minutes.

Not to mention that the thralls/pets the player would have to unfollow the summoned thrall, (since the horn would not work if the player has a thrall currently following them), The unfollowed thrall would go to scouting, since the base land is claimed. It would then teleport back to their original guard location before the next one arrived, due to the 15 minute timer.

Guess you didn’t read the part about the cool down timer… :sunglasses:

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