Where can i see my thrall count?

Where can see how many thralls and animals i have placed in the world?
The max is 50 + 5 per member, right?

It hasn’t been implemented yet. One of the community managers (I’m sorry I forgot which) has confirmed that the devs are planning to add it, but that’s all we know so far.

Until that’s done, the only way I can think of doing it without some special mod is to take a thrall feeding pot and an animal feed box with you, and run around the map where you know you or your clanmates might have placed any followers thus far. Place down the pot and/or the feeding box and look inside it to see if it’s “picking up” any followers. Rinse and repeat until you’re sick of it :frowning:


You forgot to add that if the area is too big for one pot to cover, you’ll need to name marker thralls and spread multiple pots out in order to not double count thralls. Good times.

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Coming soon:


You can’t see your thrall count anywhere because your thrall never learnt mathematics and therefor doesnt know how to count, his location will be irrelevant his lack of counting ability will be consistent.

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