Follower settings UI display

After spending some time playing with the settings for thralls and pets, I find it very difficult to remember what I have each one set to. There is no way to tell how they are set. After just 10 followers I forget what settings I have used.

I suggest that there be an addition to the UI where you can see the settings for each thrall. Maybe another screen where you can see the settings or just a text addition to the existing UI screens for pets and thralls.

My memory is not going to cut it, and I end up questioning the settings and resetting them over and over again. Even with just a small number of followers in my care.


I agree with this I recommended just adding a series of dropdown boxes on the thrall status screen that way you could setup the ai through the follower management system without having to find every thrall.


A good suggestion or even the option to light up what you selected whenever you check their wheel of commands.

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Agreed. Please make this a thing.

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