Suggestions - 04.04.2020

Single player - no mods
Testlive - 04.04.2020

A couple of suggestions regarding the 04.042020 patch:

  1. Add a health bar so we can see the health buffs/debuffs of Followers not unlike what currently exists for mounts.

  2. The move command tied by default to the x key would be more useful if the follower held the position until the player moved out of line of sight or until combat is initiated. I would also like to see the range these commands can be issued increased.

  3. Would like to see a non-lethal combat stance added that would make thralls prioritize using truncheons.

  4. Would be nice to see on a thrall status screen or something showing the current state of the AI so at a glance the player can see combat priorities, attack range, chase range, etc.

  5. Rather than using radial menu for setting up AI put a series of of drop-down list boxes on status screen (maybe under perks) for each pet/thrall. This would satisfy my previous concern of allowing the player to see the state of the AI plus players can setup the AI through the Follower management screen without visiting each thrall and trying to initiate radial menus.


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