Pet attack in hotbar

Hey wouldn’t it be nice to have the pets updated with an attack icon you can add to your hotbar when following you.


Maybe once they hopefully implement more control of pets/thralls in general, a quick bar just for commands. Defensive (only attack if i am attacked), unfollow and guard, attack, unfollow and return home.

Yea it seems really easy to do

We need this as key binding, at least on PC (I have no idea if there is space for controllers). We already do not have enough hotbar slots…

I like to take my Bearer around with me and it would be great if I could set their behaviour. How I would do it is with the radial menu, so open up the menu click Set Behaviour a new menu comes up with the Behaviour options.
Capture Mode - Thrall uses concussion weapons on NPCs and normal weapons on creatures.
Stand Ground Archer - Thrall holds position and shoots at hostiles in line of sight and switches to melee if attacked.
Skirmisher Archer - Thrall will shoot at hostiles and keeps it’s distance from them.

If they wanted to you could have several sub-menus to set more complexed behaviour.

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