Suggestions From a Game group

My group and I have been playing for a while and noticed a few issues while running our thralls home one night:

  1. inability to easily drag an unconscious NPC
    Having a follower using E for both interaction and attack commands is a bit cumbersome. my suggestion would be to associate a position for commands ((r button since you cant use an emote in combat) or the Z button (my memory escapes me for what Z is used for atm)

  2. inability for horses to stop on sloped terrain this can be seen while placing long animals such as Rhinos in guarding position.

  3. using torches with rope (seems like it would be useful for night raids etc)

anyway I will add to this list and feel free to think of QUICK fixes (number 2 and 3 may not be quick but i know 1 is a good example of things I would like devs to read on this post) feel free to add no replies to this are necessary unless it is to direct us to a more fleshed out discussion of the related topics.

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