Let us use Horse and Pet

Thralls are great companions, we cannot leave without one, we should be able to have one Thrall, one Horse and one Pet at time, not choose between those 3. At least create an option for it so people that want to follow that way has the option.
Thank you.


That would be fantastic, but oh the lag fest…

Changes to Follower system.

My suggestion will not relay on more AI capabilities, only passiv addition to command/follow system.
Today, we can tell a Thrall, Pet, Mount to Follow/Stop Follow and Place/Guard.
We do need a way to “assign” Thrall, Pets, Mounts to bases (areas) they belong to, so if lost they will try to get back. Guard command need to only include Guarding building, NPC’s, Pets, Mounts in x-tiles radius. Also need a way to verify this, maybe in Stats for each Thrall, Mount, Pet? “Guarded by Tiger pet “Greater Tiger””
Then we need a verbal command feature, under Emote maybe? Choose Command, then you see the Pet, Mount, Thrall in your radius (max 2-3 tiles?). Choose reciver, then you see commands: Stay (a passiv order, to try and hide) Guard (will attack enemies, if they harm one or more guard objects), Follow (cancles Stay/Guard and reciver will follow), Go home. The Thrall in group with an extra mount, also can be ordered to mount/unmount.

I wish that Player + Mount, can group with a Pet and a Thrall. And hopefully a Mount #2, eighter as Mount for the Thrall, or a “cargo-mule”, depends on the saddle?
The Thrall and Pet should have an Escort command for the Group, and should not be used to attack NPC, Creatures or other players.
Flee the battle (back to base) should be the failsafe option, if you can not outrun the enemies. If you run from a member in the group, it will return back to base. Mounts should not teleport to you, if Stay command has been given.
The use for Pet and Thral in “caravan-group” will be that when you reach your destination, (or stops/make camp) you build (a new) “place to bind the mounts” that will passify the mounts for x hours, so you’ll need a Thrall or Pet to protect them against roaming enemies, when Player is not around.
But how to create groups? We can create a item, that all members need to have in inventory, max 5 pieces? Or we could have settings option in Stats menu?

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