Follower Go Home Feature

Was I’m asking is very simple. I want to be able to go into a followers interact wheal and tell them to “Go Home”. Meaning that they walk/TP back to where ever you set them to stand. I could probably write a few paragraphs worth of reason this would be useful but I’m sure you can all imagine plenty for yourselves.

(I’m lazy and don’t want to).


I’m sorry I might be misunderstanding but you can already do this.

If I set my thrall to guard at my base and then tell them to follow.

No matter where I am In the exiled lands. If I make them “Stop following” they teleport back to their last guard location. Which in this instance would be “home”. The only caveat is it takes 30 minutes, give or take.


I believe that, that time can be changed based on server setting but yes I know that is a thing. What I’m asking for is a way to make that happen now rather then in 30 minutes. If I’m walking around in the world and I decide for what ever reason that I want my follow home right this moment.

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Wouldn’t that have some bad consequences for PVP? It would basically give you a way to teleport your thrall out of danger. Or stash any loot or your own gear on it and teleport it back to safety.

Set a radius on it? If players are too close then it wont work? Or just make it configurable like most everything else. Can be on or off with server setting.

My though is more: Your out with your thrall, get punted off a cliff by surprise rhino, ride horse back, send horse home, keep using your thrall. That is just one of many many things.

On the Official PvE I play on, I’ve discovered that my follower will not teleport home if there is a player in the vicinity keeping the AI active in that area. It’s really annoying.

Do you think, a 5-minute delay on a “Return Home” command would be sufficient to avoid cheese in PvP?

BTW, if this could be set as a radius effect, and the destination was the character’s bed (rather than guard position), it might finally give us a way to get stuck thralls back out of foundations or back out of mountains, etc.


Yeah, I get it. I’m not against the idea, I’m just trying to work through the reasons why Funcom might say “nah, this is bad, won’t do it” and how that might be mitigated :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about that, but it gives me an idea. What if the “return home” command had a 5-minute delay and that delay would be reset to 5 minutes when the mount takes damage? That would definitely prevent PVP cheesing and I think it would also work for what @Anglinex wants.


The damage stipulation sounds fine to me, but to be clear, I’d want this to work for any follower, not just a mount.

Crap, you’re right, I did use the word “mount” there. Sorry, that was a brainfart, I really did mean follower and not just mount :slight_smile:


Generally the only time your thrall would be in danger in PvP is if you were already dead. It’s unlikely that you’d be trying to spare Spinas’s live over your own.

Unless you could give him your most important gear and immediately teleport him home :wink:

Lol, he doesn’t have enough slots for my important gear :wink:

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It’s a great idea for a feature. As long as it’s possible to toggle it off and the default for a PvP server is for it to be off, then that solves all the problems.

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