Thralls "returning home" conditions


I wasn’t able to find much info on the subject. I’d like to know the exact conditions for a Thrall to teleport home. Like how much time must have passed? How far do you have to be to trigger the teleport etc… Any info would be greatly appreciated.

From what we recently experienced, a thrall won’t teleport home if we’re waiting for him inside the base (relatively small base). We have to go out for around 10-15 minutes.

from my experience: 4 hours or a server restart

From my experience, if I log out for 10-15 mins, he’ll teleport home.

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Confirmed with pratice

  1. They return to the last spot you placed them on guard. that means if you have him “unfollow” then “follow” again, he will still return to the last spot you placed him down as guard. No matter how many time you follow and unfollow change, just don;t use stand guard to unfollow unless that is where you want his new home to be.
  2. usually 15-20 minutes. I have found if it still hasn’t returned after that time, then logging out and then back in helps to “Fix” it.
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I think it has to do with if the player is in the area, for example, if I tell my horse to stop following, I can shoot the breeze with a cohort without fear of walking home.

But if I left a thrall somewhere and use a horse to fetch it, the horse will beat us home.

Most things re-spawn at 15 minutes or so, I would guess it’s something similar if you’re not near the area of the thrall /animal

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Thanks for the tips,
I need to test exactly how far you have to be from the original guard spot. I’ll report here when I know.

It’s not about how far from the original guard spot, it’s about how long he’s out of ‘clipping range’ (far enough away from you that he’s not being drawn, ie is not active). As long as you’re standing near him, he’ll stay there forever. If you run off or log out, he’ll poof back in about 15 minutes.

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