Thralls disappearing, says returned home

Game mode: [Online | PvP Official]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [N.Am]

[Since the update, any time we take a thrall or mount ( havent tried pets yet, and we return and place it on stop following it disappears. When we log on it says in event log that it went home, even though it already was. We have now lost a epic armored cimmerian fighter 3 lvl 7, a sturdy horse mount lvl 9 and another clan mates swift horse around lvl 5.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Unknown, so far take out thrall or mount. Come home. Tell it to stop following. Log off then log back on later.

When you set a thrall or pet to ‘stop following’ it enters into a ‘scouting’ state. It will remain in this state for a while then it will ‘return home’. When you set a thrall or pet ‘to guard’ an area, the place you specify to guard now becomes its new ‘home’. So your thrall has returned to the last place you told it to guard and not the last place where you told it to stop following you.

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Hello @Draegyn, welcome to the community!

Can you confirm if they have returned to the last area you’ve set them to guard, as Mcw11 has mentioned?

Is the return home feature able to be deactivated ? This sounds like a very bad feature to be active on my server as Myself and a few others are forgetful either due to just forgetfulness or actualy mental issues, and having our mounts dissapear on us has already led to some serious complaints to me, as the admin about wasted time,& effort. And knowing some of my players issues, simply telling them that I expect them to remember to get off the horse and set it to guard each and every time is abit ridiculous

Man I really hope they don’t deactivate that feature! Personally I never change the guard position on my personal thralls, and it’s a clan rule that you’re not allowed to guard another person’s thrall (unless they left them guarding somewhere extremely inconvenient).

Why are you setting them to guard in so many different places? If you just leave them scouting they usually don’t return home for a bit, and when I need them to stay for longer periods I usually just swing by and put them on follow and then back to scouting to refresh the timer.

I believe this has already been stated but just to reinforce it thralls and pets who follow you will go from “following” to “scouting” if you die, tell them to stop following you, or log out. After a certain time in the “scouting” stage they will switch to “returning home” with their home being the last place they were told to stand guard. This is why it is important when taking a follower out that you remember where they were last stationed because if something happens to you or you get separated from your thrall that last location is where the thrall will “eventually” return to.

it’s mostly an issue with Horses, a group of players on my server had rode out to some resopurce hotspot, hopped off and went about their harvesting and when they returned to where they dismounted , no horses. I ended up admin spawning them in replacement horses and what ever saddle or items they had on their horses as, for all anyone knew they had been killed. I’m not suggesting they turn this off across the board, i’m suggesting that it be something server admins have some control over in the server setting menu.

Horses should be set to follow after you dismount them. Did these players set the horses to stop following or stand guard? Followers shouldn’t be aggressive when “scouting” but will attack nearby enemies if set to guard so if they did the latter of the two there is a chance the horses got themselves killed.