Disconnected, MIA Thrall

Finally found him, wandering around the Highlands harassing NPC spawns.

What has YOUR position todo with a thrall returning to their latest guarding point???

the return home function always works for me (im on pve) is it a meshing issue in the geography around your base? sometimes i get a tiger stuck in the dirt w only a lil bit of his head clipping up. also, i once had a thrall disappear/die on a long elevator ride.

Hello @Vampurrrism, thank you for your submission.

We’ll need additional information in order to determine what occurred, such as whether the thrall was following you when you’ve disconnected, and if there’s any information regarding the missing pets on the event log with its parameters set to max proximity, max days passed and only the thrall/pet option ticked.

In many cases the pets simply end up going back to their previous guarding spot after a while, and depending on where that is, it’s possible that it could have spawned inside certain structures, such as base walls or, has it has been refered, clipped through the geometry, so be sure to check your bases thoroughly. It’s also possible that the last place you’ve set him to guard was not in one of your bases.

That being said, there are some changes coming to the thrall system in the future that should alleviate this problem.

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oh yea, and see if he is on the thrall pot roster.

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