My first named thrall disappeared in less than 24 hours

I managed to capture a named thrall the other day in single player mode. It was a difficult thing to do as she nearly killed me several times over. But after a long fight and almost breaking a second trudgeon I managed to capture her. I put her in the wheel of pain and waited for a very long time. She finished her time on the wheel of pain just before I went to bed last night. I put her on guard duty then logged off. Today I took her with me for a brief period but I was afraid she’d end up getting killed to an elite mob or something so I put her back on guard duty at my base and took one of my pets with me instead. When I came back she was gone. That’s not supposed to happen, right?

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I think we will need some more information here to help you diagnose what happened.

Do you play PvP, or PvE? Are you on official servers? Or a private server? Or is this your single player game?

Did another player recently raid you? Or, was your player asset recently purged? Is your base nearby to other NPCs or mobs where they may have wandered over to engage your thrall? Or, was she safely stationed inside your walls? Was she stationed on foundation blocks, ceiling tiles (high floor of tower, etc.), or natural earthen ground? Was she stationed in, above, or near water?

Did you check your event log? If your trained and placed combat thrall just plain disappeared, there ought to be an explanation in your event log. Press ESC, select Event Log. Use the UI to set the proximity slider to maximum, and set the days to when the thrall went missing. Click submit.

There is a feature where a thrall who becomes “lost” (you died, or DC’d from game, etc.) will “return home.” Not sure what this duration is. You may want to check every location where to told her to either “stop following” or where you stationed her to guard. In the event of an error, or lost thrall, the thrall will return to the position where they were most recently stationed.

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I play single player. I have a small house and no real base with walls and the like. My base is on an island in the starter area not far from the destroyed bridge. It’s not the island the bridge crosses, but the one next to it. The only mobs that wander near are the occasional shaleback and those are always the weak smaller non-hostile versions. Tho they are non-hostile my thralls still attack them but the shalebacks are always killed easily. She was standing on natural ground about 15 yards away from the water.

No, I didn’t check my event log, I didn’t even know I had an event log. I have since checked it, but there’s nothing in the log. I don’t know anything about the log so I don’t know if events are cleared once you log out of the game. Since it was empty I assume they are.

When you open the event log it will look blank.
To get a list of events you need to press “Submit” at the bottom right corner. It might take a minute to fill.
You can move the sliders for distance to maximum which is 10 000 and this covers a lot of the map.

If your thrall was killed within the distance the event log is searching the database to report to you about then it will say something like:
“X was killed by Y”

Thralls should return to the last place they were set to “Guard” using that command in the wheel interface. (Where ever they are placed using that Guard command becomes their new “home” position).
The event log should tell you that the thrall is “attempting to return home” or that “X has returned home”.

So if you had told her to “Guard” when you had her following away from your base … then if you told her to “Stop following” when you got back to your base … but did not tell her to Guard where you left her … well she is likely to have returned to where she had been put to Guard away from you base … so carefully retrace the route you explored with her to see if you can find her.
(Even if you are pretty sure you told her to Guard after you got home, it’s a good thing to check - another player recently reported his missing thrall ended up a previous Guard spot not his most recent … )

I hope you find her.

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I want to thank you for your instructions and your advise. I went back to the places I told her to stop following like you suggested and she was at one such place. I had told her to stop following while on top of a rock and I went to that place and there she was standing on that rock. Thank you, I was not happy about losing a thrall I fought so hard for and am happy indeed to have her back.


Thank you. She had indeed returned to a point where I told her to stop following. I think I may have even moved her manually so very likely that’s why she returned to that spot. Now I have her back and I’ve learned something new about the game. Thanks for your help.


That is indeed why.

If you use the manual placement option, the chosen spot becomes that Thrall’s new “home”. If you just use “stop following” (the non-placement option) they will wait on that spot for a while, then return to their “home” spot. Their home spot is wherever you last placed them manually, or if you never did so it’s the spot you chose when you first placed them out in the world (from inventory).

Awesome, great news! I am glad you were reunited with your loyal guardian. I hope that in the future, you and her will not have any further miscommunications about guarding instructions. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Sorry to chime in so late but I feel obligated to warn you. Leaving your thrall alone outside is a really bad idea. From the game March 2 update notes: Many animals and monsters may now spawn as “Elite” versions of themselves. I have encountered 3 types of these Elites so far, the crocodile, the rocknose and the shaleback. They are bigger, healthier, stronger, meaner versions of regular animals. They can spawn anywhere the regular version spawns. Even noob river. I already lost a thrall because one shaleback elite spawned lying down in front on a nest and didn’t see it until it stood up. If your thrall regularly kills wandering shalebacks then there is the chance that one of them might spawn as elite and kill your thrall.

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