Thrall & Pets disappearing

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Canada

Hi everyone!
New to the forums, but been player for a months now.
I started playing on my own private server since the rubber banding bug came out (and since been fixed-thank you!)
But now I’m finding that my thralls and pets just went missing. I read up on how to fix it myself, but to no avail. Their homepoint is at my main base and I’ve never moved them or have them scouting. I checked my thrall pot and my pet pot and their names still show up on there.

It’s a bit frustrating as I was levelling up on my thralls and it may look like I have to start from scratch. Please help!

As a side note, I was levelling up my thrall and then logged out just outside of the Unnamed City. When I logged back in they disappeared, but when I checked my event log, it said they have returned home. Went back home, not there :frowning: this happend a couple days ago and just logged in today to see if they have shown up but nothing still

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @LizS, welcome to the community!

When followers return home, they simply end up going back to their previous guarding spot after a while, and depending on where that is, it’s possible that it could have spawned inside certain structures, such as base walls. Are you certain you haven’t set some of them to guard in a different place other than your base?

As you’re on a server you own, are you able to set yourself to admin and look under the terrain and building pieces to determine if they could’ve clipped through them?

That being said, we’re focusing on addressing thrall related issues and bring some quality-of-life improvements to them in the upcoming patches, which should prevent these occurrences and assist in managing your followers.

@LizS I would recommend to always put your thralls on guard before logging out. Don’t be too worried yet have had similar situation and thralls showed up after a few server reset. Are you playing on a private Gportal server or using your console.

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