Pets & Thralls disappeared after latest update

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Europe]
PS4 Standard

All my Thralls and Pets have disappeared from my Single player game.
The only exceptions are workshop thralls and thralls standing in an object.

I had exceptional/flawless armor in almost all my Thralls, had many named Thralls, giant pets, a lot of pets defending my base and now they are all gone.

First they would disappear, but somehow they were there, since I was getting the “happiness” icon near where my dancers where. They would return after half an hour (+/-) gameplay.

Now they don’t return at all, tried everything, from logging out, to travel afar for hours and coming back to my base.

Seems to only happen with Thralls / Pets standing on normal ground. Ones standing on objects like foundations/buildings, are still there.

My son logged in today and he lost all his Thralls / Pets also. Due to this, he immediately quit playing completely frustrated. Almost doing the same here.

Fix your game guys. 1.4 million copies sold and still this game-disrupting issues occur? Game-player base will leave if you don’t handle your issues and it seems that with each patch you fix 30 things and ruin 40 more.

By the way, frame-rate is also worse now since the patch, including freezes of 1-2 seconds sometimes, not necessarily during combat or heavy duty situations.

Unfortunately I can confirm this. I hate complaining about things, but this needs to be brought to the attention of the technical team.

Also singleplayer/offline/PS4. I had the same problem. Loaded after the last patch 1.28 and all of my Fighters, Archers, Bearers and Dancers disappear whenever I load the game up (craftsmen seem to be unaffected). It seems to be limited to those who would guard or otherwise follow; ie mobile ones. I can not attest to pets, as I do not have any yet, but will update if it turns out to be the case. I walked and admin teleported away a few times, and when I returned, not all, but most were back to their usual spots. Two low level fighters never re-appeared. Thank goodness my T4s were all still inside guarding the throne. As Davishwulf explained, I have however noticed that they are safe/unaffected if they are either inside your house or on foundations. So if anyone else is experiencing this, I would strongly advise moving all non-expendable guards inside your home until this is resolved. This is a particularly nasty bug. For people who are offline single players (essentially a one man workforce), this is potentially dozens, or even hundreds of hours of work lost! Funcom please respond to this one.

Is it possible they fell through the floor before it finished rendering and are now in this undermeshing I hear so much about, anyone!?

Notes for devs or those experiencing this:
-when I loaded the game I was inside my base/home
-all lost thralls were inside the landclaim boundary
-it only affected those on the ground itself, not on foundations or indoors
-the two I lost permanently were stationed near my wheel of pain if that helps

Offline single player, US region, standard PS4. I play on civilized difficulty with few changes to that default configuration. My base was on the coast southwest of Scavenger’s Berth and northeast of Cannibal’s Rest.

Same problem for me, I had numerous mobile thralls and one of every pet except boars and spiders. They were all in close proximity to my base and one another. Logging in after the patch every single one of them was gone. Similar to the others, crafting thralls were unaffected. Relogging caused my rhino king to reappear briefly, but the next time I relogged it was gone again. Leaving the area and returning, and rebooting didn’t fix anything. As a last ditch effort, I attempted to enable ghost mode to see if they were below the terrain, but as it turns out, none of those functions work on single player.

Furthermore, the lag in the area around my base was intense. I ended up starting a new save. Thus far, new thralls haven’t despawned, but the lag is far worse than before the patch with constant stutters and slow pop-ins for mobs.

Hey there,

We are aware this issue and the devteam has been informed about it. Just to confirm, does this issue only occur in single player/coop servers? We might have an idea of what is causing this issue but we need some more information to see if we are on the right track :slight_smile:


Lost 2 crocs, 2 pict wolves. Crocs fell through floor. Wolves on ground guarding greater wheel of pain. Lag happens every 10 mins or so in base (3 religions min distance, 1 shop of all kinds with lvl 3 and 4 thralls, no disapperance, 4 other thralls not affected, 1 tiger, 3 hyenas, 1 pict bear, 2 ostriches not affected all on floors or foundations) 3 10x10 towers 2 lvl high. Lag every 30 or so mins out in the wild. Some aggies appear out of thin air. Lost 4 high grade suits. If i wasn’t able to make my self admin to replace mats and armor, I would have rage quit. Food container still bugged, cant see more than 6 animals feeding. Birds dont show eating but taking food. This whole trick people into playing a bugged game is pretty crappy of Funcom. Add more dlc=more bugs+more frustration+more heartache. If I wanted to just admin everything in to survive and progress, I would go back to playing ARK.

BTW The wolves names were Juniper and Crisco. Juniper and I had made many trips to the savanna and gotten much thick leather. My crocs were Mr. Tickles and Buttercup and they were my first pets. They guarded my Pit of Yog. Now they are gone. I can admin in replacements, but I’ll never be able to admin history, companionship, and love. They were my first. First never happens twice. Juniper saved me many times. He only fed on the choicest of meat. Now he is gone…gone.

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Same here all gone after logout and login again!.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I can’t say for anything online, as I have never played online to test that. However my previous statement that I’ve had no problems since starting a new save I must take back. Other posters mentioned it only happened to thralls and pets that were outside, so I put one outside to check. Sure enough I had lost him by the time I returned.

Furthermore, the lag since the patch is so intense. Whenever combat starts and several times throughout combat my game will lock up a full two seconds. I don’t know if they’re related but both of these things only started after the update.

I can confirm this as well. It does seem to be all pets and thralls not on some sort of foundation. I am an offline PS4 player as well. Very frustrating.

Hey there,

We have just released a hotfix that should have fixed this issue. Please do let us know if your thralls are not vanishing anymore (RIP Mr. Tickles and Buttercup :cry:)


Just waited out the update, logged back in and they’re still gone. This has really sapped an enthusiasm I had to keep playing this game right out of me. Why grind for hours if it’s just going to vanish? What’s to stop it from happening again?

I have experience the same problem with one thralls disappearing and two hyenas. All three were on normal ground, while my crafting thralls were still there. I just installed the patch and will go get another thrall and place on the same spot to see if they disappear after logging out and back in.

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The hotfix appears to have worked Ignasis. It doesnt seem to be retrocative, as the two I couldnt get to reappear beforehand have not reapppeared (they were just low level, so no big deal for me). However Im pleased to say that they are no longer disappearing when I load up from within my base. They are are now free to enjoy the outdoors again. Thanks for the fix peoples.

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