Three Thralls Have Now Disappeared On Me

Game mode: [Offlne | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
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As of this afternoon, I have now had 3 Thralls disappear on me since the Mounts update launched. I am so frustrated right now. I set my lvl 9(!) Cimmerian Berserker (the third and most recent victim) to ‘guard’ my Outpost base in her usual spot to the left of the door, and this is what I got when I turned the game on today… It seems that she has, like her predecessors, disappeared into thin air.

Can anyone see where she is, because I certainly cant.

Sadly this isnt the first Thrall which has disappeared on me since the Mounts update. The first disappearance was a lvl 6 Cimmerian Berserker who disappeared when I Admin teleported to outside of Xalthars Refuge. I thought to myself ahh…well thats a pain in the neck, and I though it could simply be due to Admin teleporting with a Thrall to begin with, or an isolated incident. So I let it go, and spawned in a similar looking one. No big deal. The second was a Hykanian Dancer lvl 1 (Legacy). She was simply on guard in my main bases throne room with two other Dancers. Like my most recent disappearance, she was simply, inexplicably gone when I loaded the game. Grumpy and downright disappointed, but again I let it go. But its not just me who this has happened to; my lady had her first Horse disappear from out of his Stable (built using DLC pieces, not the rearing one) at around the same time as number 2 when she logged off.

So why didnt I report it after the first two occasions!? Because Im a fool, thats why. There was already so many problems springing up as it was, and I just didnt want to be negative and cause a fuss. Although I now feel that I should have done so. What makes this so bad is just how long it took for me to get my Berserker that high…its insane! And to make matters worse, the replacement who I Admin spawned now has to start from lvl 1 again. Can we PLEASE add a Thrall XP multiplier in the Admin Panel so that we can at least correct this ourselves…?

I am so frustrated right now. So much time and hard work inexplicably down the drain just like that. I have had thralls disappearing, textures cycling continuously, crashes on almost every play session, I cant see the recipes on crafting stations because they are cut-off, and we have been waiting over one month now for the Momentum readjustment patch. I have never made secret of just how much I love Conan Exiles. And I have always remained one of Funcoms strongest supporters, and have always defended them here on the forums and to my friends. But like any reasonable person my patience comes with limitations. I am pleading with you all please, please, PLEASE…fix the game I love!! It is borderline unplayable now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have your hard earned lvl 9 Thrall stand guard at your outpost
  2. Quit the play session, logging off
  3. Begin a new play session and go to retrieve your strongest Thrall
  4. Wonder what on earth has happened to it when you get there (again)

EDIT: wow this seems to be getting better almost by the hour (sarcasm). Did any readers happen to see that happy snap I posted above…? Perhaps someone can look at this more recent one below and take a stab at why Im even more annoyed now…


The only thing I can think of to explain this is that perhaps Thralls are falling through the ground.

Hey @Croms_Faithful, we apologize for the frustration this issue has caused, were there any messages in the Event Log that could hint at what happened to the missing thralls?

We’ll be sure to forward this specific feedback to the developers.

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Brother I and my wife have had some things and thralls disappear. Not sure if it is the game or we are getting senile a few years early. Like your idea of admin exp pc folks have it and Gportal server settings are lame for consoles.

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is it the spot where youre building? admin ghost around underneath the ground to see if they are there. also, its helped me immensely to spend smaller amounts of time at smaller bases.

one of my new haunts is a small enclosed arena where i outfit and levelup new thralls by spawning fighter skeletons. i use unlimited stamina w scythe of thag, they use predator blade or sword of crom and theyre done in a few minutes.

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Oh crap a third one gone, I would be upset also if it was me, I lost one last week but wondered if well my memory was just bad lol but no reason for this t happen to anyone, they really need to fix it and saying they are sorry for your frustrations is not a fix at all and I am sure does not make you feel any better you now have to re-level 2 new thralls.

I hope they fix this soon as its a big job to re-level thralls and not always get good ones either as we all know. I do hope this is the last one lost for you!!

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I have heard this is possible but have to ask how, have funcom not put something in place so thralls do not fall though the ground, that just seems to be a given that should be done for ground. I mean ground is suppose to be solid right, if they have not put some thing in place to make it so things can not fall though the ground WELL maybe they should.

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Hi Hugo, and thankyou kindly for the reply.

Unfortunately no, however there could be another reason for this. The Event Log seems to have been broken in my game for quite some time now. I have not seen anything whatsoever appear in it for upwards of 6 months now. Even if a Thrall does die in combat on my game, although a notification similar to the Landclaim one will appear briefly onscreen, neither it or anything else will appear in my Event Log.

Perhaps this in itself is another bug which I have!? Unless I have another Setting which could somehow be stopping/blocking it from working? However, I cant seem to workout which setting (if any) it could be.

Wow outstanding, much obliged Hugo! The following statement is one I have used before here on the forums, and is relevant to issues such as these. It is intendednot as a rude or cheeky remark but as a genuine and constructive one.

Give us the resources to solve our own problems, and we will gladly do so.

While this was not my motive behind this request, if you were able to add in a Follower XP Multiplier setting in the Admin Panel, this would also have the added benefit of quelling at least some of the dissent over PvE rates vs PvP rates. Well for those with Admin access at least. Two birds, one stone.

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Sestus if you are having a similar issue to myself, then I think I can safely say that you are not at risk of early senility here. :laughing: When you said ‘things’ as well as thralls, it piqued my attention. @Hugo I should call your attention to this one too, just incase it is relevant to the issue. This may take a little explaining, so bear with me peoples.

As it happens, I have also had an an item disappear just recently in addition to my several thralls. It was my Greater Wheel of Pain (GWoP). It had a T4 taskmaster and 2 unbroken thralls on it at the time of its disappearance (Gothrad Oathbreaker, Daya Leadrinker & Ionna the Seductress; my first T4 Dancer). There are a few reasons why I didnt report it with the initial post.

  1. I know that recently my ladys Furnace had disappeared, and Hugo said it could be a stability issue, as it was not on foundations. My GWoP wasnt either, and was some distance from my main base (it spoiled my scenic view). But also…

  2. It disappeared during a Purge at my base, and it is possible the attackers destroyed it. However, it was only a Hyena Purge. Surely a few mangey Hyenas wouldnt be strong enough to destroy my GWoP in a few minutes…would they?

  3. Finally, because I couldnt establish a cause and effect, and because I hadnt lost any levelling progress and remembered their names, I simply used my Admin Panel to correct this loss.

Hugo this may or may not be part of the original post issue; do you make anything of this, or does it sound unrelated?

While I dont want to say for certain, possibly not. The reason being that it has now happened in three seperate locations, and one was on foundations. The two I lost at my Unnamed City hut (pictured) were both on the ground. My first Berserker was (well should have been) on the ground outside of Xalthars Refuge, so desert. However my Hykanian Dancer was right inside my throne room of my main base, with other Dancers and guards right near her. It is in the River biome.

I did actually ‘Ghost’ through the ground to see if I could spot them. Alas if they did fall through the ground, they must have fallen ALLLLL the way down, as I could not see them.

Hi Heaventhere, and thankyou for coming foward to share your experiences on this issue. Considering what you and Sestus have both come with the same issue, I dont think it was a memory lapse at this point. It is now 4 actually, that was the reason for the ‘EDIT’ in the OP; a fourth had disappeared not toooo long after the third. However, the fourth was only a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (legacy). I had planned to ‘Break Bond’ and swap him for a levellable one soon anyway. However, it was more the fear of knowing that any of my followers could disappear at anytime, and I am powerless to stop it which got me so frustrated.

Oh my lord isnt it just! As I already stated in the OP, lvl 9 was the highest I had gotten to thus far, and she is now gone. And it took me soooo long to get her to that point. I hope that they do go ahead and add in a Follower XP Multiplier, it would stop putting us back at the starting line in the event of mishaps.

You know one common thread has jumped out at me here. Myself, Sestus, Jistsomeguy are all Admins. Heaventhere…do you use the Admin Panel, and what is your play mode…?

This is going to be REALLY testing my memory here. But if I remember correctly* this issue, as with the recipes being cut-off at crafting stations, appeared once before a long time ago now, but was swiftly rectified. Im sure that it was either before, or around the time when Pets first got added in. I think that Funcom reworked how the gsme renders when they added in Mounts, to prevent them from falling through the floor while running. This is kind of a long story, and I can elaborate on this further in a seperate post if you would like me to. But the point I am making is that it was straightened out fairly easily last time, hopefully, this one will be no different.

This may or may not be the same issue, but I did have a fighter go missing at our base and it took me a while to find him but I eventually did.

I initially thought one of my guys had poached a fighter uniform for a personal thrall while we were deploying “The 100”, but soon found otherwise, mind you it took me the better part of a morning to do so.

What I ended up doing was renaming a bunch of thralls in key spots to Marker 1, Marker 2, etc and then positioning thrall pots at opposite ends of my base until I had made sure that one pot wasn’t covering the area of the other. After counting I realized that he was still in the general vicinity of where he should have been, and ended up both ripping up foundations (which didn’t help) and trying to move other thralls (which did) and finally pinpointed his location.

He was in a natural wall, and honestly don’t know if I would have found him if he hadn’t crossed his arms while I was looking directly at the wall. Ended up being able to pull him out, but man was it a process finding him!

i stopped playing sp the second time my data got corrupted. …well ONE time my build half disappeared and the ps told me conan data was corrupted and it made me start over. the second time stuff started disappearing similarly after freezing and i called it corrupted data and didnt try again.

i hope they get this fixed 8[

this is happening to pets too. Where is my greater hyena?

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I do use it but not to level thralls, I use it mostly when I am building for flying around to get things that will not place in to snap but have once or twice in my hours used it to spawn in a new thrall when one died. I play mostly in single player / co-op since thralls do not eat correctly for bonus on a modded servers at moment.

If you set proximity and days passed parameters to the maximum amount allowed, untick every setting other than Thrall/Pet, then press the submit button, does the Event Log still not to work?

If this is the case, we’d really appreciate it if you could open a new topic for this specific issue, sharing a short video of it occurring.

Any report that relates to a follower or item disappearing must always reference any Event Log message as they often hint at the cause behind the occurrence being a possible issue or not. Purges may be able to tear through certain building tiers and placeables and the best way to keep track of the damage done in the aftermath is by using the Event Log, although if it’s not working for some reason we’ll do our best to help you get to the bottom of that matter.

Welcome to the forums @AuguryMN! Did you have any messages in your Event Log regarding your pet?

Here’s a great resource that you may use as a reference regarding this invaluable feature:


First at this place somone can lead the spider boss or the scorpion boss too your base or all undead hyeanas so check the event log too see what is happening . Even ive you say too your thrall dont folow me he will return too the last place wher you set him too guard so never change his guard place and you evrey time now wher he will be when you die or forgot your thrall somwher

Thanks for the suggestion @LostInTim. I dont yet hsve a feeding pot at my Unnamed City outpost (pictured), so I have not tried it there. However, at my main base where my Dancer disappeared I have a thrall and pet feeder for RP purposes which is set to maximum distance. It is showing up 5 Dancers, however it should be showing 6 if I include my missing blonde. So wherever she is (presumed dead) she is not there anymore.

I had a serious corruption issue once before myself. I almost lost my entire save profile, but with a little help from Barnes and Hugo we were able to salvage it at the eleventh hour. Ever since then, I have made a habit of backing up my save data up on a USB on a reasonably regular basis.

Sorry to hear you lost your Greater Hyena AuguryMN. I was really hoping that I was an isolated case in regards to this issue. If I have any breakthroughs which will help, ill be sure to share it with you.

We currently cannott use Admin to level followers Heaventhere. Snd just for the record, thst is not what I was enquiring to. But rather, both myself and others feel we have noticed a dip in performance when we activate Admin. I am wondering if perhaps when I admin teleport, the game is having difficulty rendering the ground beneath the thralls quickly enough. Just a thought.

Ok thanks Hugo. I will have a watch of the video on lunch break, and try out your recommendations as soon as I can. It may not be until the weekend, but I will try to sneak in a short session sooner if I can.