Vanishing thrall while its following

So, my thrall vanished while following me. Was running around my base doing stuff and was gona go Shattered Springs to get som more xp for my thrall when i noticed she isnt with me anymore. I doubled back to look for her, but she’s nowhere to be seen. I check my list of thralls and she’s not there either. I check event logg and there is nothing about thrall. She’s just gone. I tryed relogging and i even tryed restarting the game. The thrall was lvl 16 female Cimmerian Berserker with Redeemet Legion armor and Sword of Crom weapon. I had a different name on her. Where is she? Its like she was never there. Had a potentional to become very strong and hence the reason i wanted more lvl’s on her. This is on official server #1040. Ive never seen this bug before and i have almost 1900 hours in game. Thank you in advance

Sorry to tell you its a bug that has been happening off and on since at least the December update far as I can remember. I think most of the bug reports on this issue have been closed but it seems to have not been fixed yet to my knowledge as it keeps happening off and on to people.

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