Thrall dissapears

Game mode: Private Server: [ESP] ABIERTO - HERMANOS DE SANGRE X3 PVP-PVE Eventos (no wipe)
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PvP
Region: EUROPE

My name at game is psoul8
The bug is My thrall Dalinsia who i was leveling at level 17-18, has dissapeared sudenly. She is not showed anymore at map not even in the Thrall List and theres no registre of death in the History of events.
it has been a blow as it was hard for me to find a Dalinsia with good stats and then grow her till 18

  1. I was scouting the map just walking and my thrall Dalinsia following me
  2. i was going on while Dalinsia was killing the enemy in the area of 7-B 8-B
  3. i was jumping runing and climbing and she was following me, sometimes she teleported at my point sometimes she runs to get me. But at some moment i turned back and she was not there, then i went on runing with the hope that Dalinsia Teleport to me, but she didnt.
  4. I knew that with nobody conected Dalinsia was not possible to be dead evenmore with +1000 armour and 13k heatlh. Anyway i checked, and i found no body, no History of death, and no being in my thrall list. Like if never would have existed

I really want my Dlainsia back and no more bugs like this, please.

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Had the same issue, bearer thrall was following then was gone, listing showed it following using spy feature on map showed he was with me but was no where in sight. Finally I just logged out and then back in he was then in scouting mode about 1 full section from where the map had just shown him. A few kinks did not get worked out it seems.

Official Server

I had the same thing happen. The first thrall I tames disappears with half my stuff. I’m afraid to tame another thrall.

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