Tracking for missing pets/thralls

Lost 2 pets a bear (almost a month ago) and white tiger (about a week ago) that seemed to have wandered off… event log shows they both returned home but couldn’t find them… eventually ran across my white tiger guarding those 3 asgard towers like wtf… now event log states my bear is hungry and who knows where it is. Could we please maybe get tracking on the map for pets and thralls??
Anyone else experienced escapees?

This has happened to me a few times with thralls. The only thing I can figure is they are set to scout mode, then return to the last place they were told to guard (home).

The most recent time it happened, I died in the Frostneedle Forest because of two sabertooths. When I got back to my corpse my thrall was still fighting them. I re-equipped, but then my thrall disappeared among the trees. It was in Scott mode, and then decided to return home. I died a second time bumbling through the trees searching for thrall. I discovered she had returned to the last place set to guard after dying.

It’d be nice if we could switch thrall (and pet) modes between guarding and scouting without having to move them.

That would be a cool function. I have lost a couple pets this way and once found. One them wandering in a place i had never been it was wierd.

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I think we need some kind of “Come!” command. “The last place set to guard” is not enough: pets are “set to guard” after server restart wherever they are. It does matter in SP because sometimes you have to restart game because of some bug or your computer could restart after power failure. I’d like to have a command which brings all of my pets to the nearest feeding box belonging to my clan.

depending on how you got the pet set up they are coded to alway return to home location of where ever told them to gaurd/ placed down

Yesterday I tried to spawn a couple of panthers in Admin mode to fight the giant croc near the Noob river. One followed me and another stood on Guard near a feeding box. Then I began to shoot into the croc and guardian panther attacked it. Poor creature ran into the lake… Croc was killed ok, but both panthers got stuck in water. I picked up one that was following me but couldn’t get the guardian. There was a sign “Going home” above it but it never returned to the feeding box. I waited for some time and deleted my saved game.

I very much agree I got booted from the server while i was traveling with a bearer thrall when i got back on the bearer was gone. I went back to the base where the thrall was last guarding no thrall there. This has happened twice now and the second time i was transporting crafting thralls in the bearer. I was not being attacked when i got booted nor was anything following me the bearer was just gone.


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